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a Flemish surgeon who is considered the father of modern anatomy (1514-1564)

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6) Karel van Mander's Lives of the Illustrious Netherlandish and German Painters of 1603-04 praised Calcar's drawing, "in handling indistinguishable" from Titian, and then he too went on to say that Calcar "illustrated that valuable book for the anatomist Vesalius.
Because the fluid-filled ovarian vesicles had been observed previously by others, including Vesalius and Falloppio, De Graaf did not claim priority to their discovery.
In the 16th century, the anatomist Andreas Vesalius and the philosopher Francis Bacon, who dissected animals, also behaved badly.
A CHF25 million extension of the Series C investment was closed in July 2012, with existing investors, Eclosion, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, Vesalius BioCapital and MP Healthcare Venture Management all reinvesting.
Stakeholders in the company include the Wellcome Trust, LRM, Vesalius Biocapital and the US MS charity, Fast Forward.
Vesalius, whose work De Humani Corporis Fabrica was epochal for anatomy, also held a chair in Padua.
The ambitious project aims translate "De humani corporis fabrica" (On the Fabric of the Human Body), authored by Andreas Vesalius - the founder of modern human anatomy, from Latin into English.
The 300ft long, 3,000-tonne cutter suction dredger, Vesalius , was moved into position yesterday off Jarrow to start the six-week job of creating the underwater stretch of the tunnel trench.
The barge was carrying the 93m-long Vesalius, which will start dredging the river this weekend as part of the new Tyne Tunnel construction.
He added: "I would also appeal to anyone who saw this man running off along South Vesalius Street, or any members of the public who recognise his description, to come forward.
The frontispiece, which features Vesalius dissecting a cadaver, is crowded with onlookers who include not only the anatomist's contemporaries, but also such illustrious predecessors as Aristotle and Galen.
The mechanics of this transformation are examined in the light of the new imagery of anatomical illustration, especially the publications of Vesalius, the humanist literature of manners, the prestige of the antique, and the formulation of new ideals of beauty, as well as theological ideas of the Incarnation, the role of faith in the remission of sins, and the hope for salvation in the post-Tridentine age.
Anatomy at the Dinner Table': Vesalius advises us to notice as we pluck/at table the cooked meat from the neck/of a calf, piglet or kid, the yellow ligament/so tough it's offered only to dogs.
of Brussels and Vesalius College, Brussels) looks at the relation between the social sciences and the political discourse of secessionist movements in the context of the European Union.
The thirteen sections of the reader relate directly to the thirteen essays of that work, dealing with the state of medical practice and knowledge in Western Europe in 1500; the variety of healers sought out by the sick; the bloodletting of Vesalius and the emergence of medical humanism; connections between religion and medicine; the legacy of Paracelsian medicine; the understanding and treatment of contagious disease by early modern communities; new models of the body emerging between 1600 and 1800; the role of women within medicine; the experience and treatment of mental illness; war and medicine; the relationship between health, environment, and population; European medicine and the encounter with the New World; and the organizational and economic impact of the Enlightenment.