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South African statesman who instituted the policy of apartheid (1901-1966)

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Needless to say, Hendrik Verwoerd was a cum laude student in philosophy and psychology, and completed his masters in those subjects.
Hendrik Verwoerd, who served as prime minister from 1958 until his assassination in 1966, once described black people as fit only to be "hewers of wood and drawers of water," drawing on a Biblical passage.
Sy kwalifiseer in 1958 as geneesheer en bly aan as huisdokter in die ou H F Verwoerd Hospitaal.
South African slapstick comedian, Pieter-Dirk Uys as Evita, is joining his chorus-line of characters that include a motley medley of past South African National Party leaders (DF Malan, JG Strydom, HF Verwoerd, BJ Vorster, PW Botha and FW de Klerk), balanced with the more familiar quartet of ANC presidents from Nelson Mandela, and Thabo Mbeki, through Kgalema Motlanthe to Jacob Zuma and beyond.
Fifteen essays address how to define racism (with divergent perspectives presented), the American influence on the "founding father" of German racial anti-Semitism, the multi-sidedness of race making in the Philippino-American colonial experience, the construction and maintenance of "whiteness" in 19th century British India, the appropriation of Western racial ideas by Chinese nationalist reformers of the late 19th century, "racism" vs "culturalism" as descriptors of Japanese attitudes towards Korea and Taiwan as colonial subjects, and the intellectual influences that shaped the racial ideas of the architect of South African apartheid, Hendrik Verwoerd.
saCKEd unicef chief Melanie Verwoerd last night rounded on her former bosses and vowed to take them to a tribunal.
With regards to the education of non-Whites, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd stated that "I just want to remind the Honourable Members of Parliament that if the native in South Africa is being taught to expect that he will lead his adult life under the policy of equal rights, he is making a big mistake.
Hendrik Verwoerd, the then prime minister, also dubbed the architect of Apartheid, had claimed that the protesters had "shot first".
Verwoerd would have been well aware of Israel's dispossession of indigenous Palestinian in 1948 - the year his apartheid party similarly came to power - of the unfolding destruction of their villages, the premeditated massacres and the systematic ethnic cleansing.
South African Prime Minister Henrik Verwoerd, architect of the apartheid system, stood firm and replied: "The tendency in Africa for nations to become independent, and at the same time to do justice to all, does not only mean being just to the black man of Africa, but also to be just to the white man of Africa.
Nicolaas Boot, managing director; Paul Verwoerd, commercial director; Albert Feyts, finance director
The following year the South African prime minister, Hendrik Verwoerd, demanded that the Afrikaner participants retract their agreement to the report of the consultation.
The story is fortified with key events of the nation's history, such as the 1966 assassination of the prime minister, Hendrik Verwoerd, considered to be the architect of apartheid; the Suweto uprising in 1976, when more than 600 were killed in clashes with security forces; and some chilling local incidents, including the near-fatal beating of van Wyk's father and the stabbing of one of his teachers.
25, disgraced former cricket captain Hansie Cronje (11) and apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd (19).
Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, a future prime minister of South Africa, a 'dreamer and visionary, the true apostle of apartheid', was a near neighbour.