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French writer who is considered the father of science fiction (1828-1905)


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Como es posible que las respuestas de Verne fueran tan cercanas a las soluciones modernas?
Peter Boyles, a third-year law student at La Verne Law, volunteers his time at a mediation clinic in Riverside County, which helps people to resolve a variety of conflicts - from landlord disputes to small claims - before filing a lawsuit.
Verne Global used information delivery specialist Colt's modular data centre option to facilitate a rapid time-to-market with the new offering.
Best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies, Verne will entertain the crowds at Redcar's Aruba nightclub.
Referencing Verne without faithfully adapting his novel allows Couturier to maintain a lighthearted tone for the show, with the evident gap between it and its motto prompting the audience to investigate the 19th century source.
As a young girl, Verne confessed she never had a Barbie doll.
Verne Global, a global developer of data center infrastructure design, has announced the availability of a range of BT Radianz connectivity and hosting services at its innovative data center in Iceland, the company said.
Verne said: "We'll just have to wait and see, as far as what I've heard so far, it's just rumours, but he went on Saturday Night Live dressed as Dr Evil, so I think that was a sign that something might be happening.
For clubbers could hardly believe their eyes when diminutive actor Verne Troyer popped into Five Bar on Cross Church Street in the early hours of yesterday.
Actor Verne Troyer is only 2ft 8in tall - but shows he has a giant appetite by tackling one of the Subway food chain's trademark foot-long rolls.
BY GEMMA ALDRIDGE WATCH out - it's Verne Troyer the parking ticket sleigh-er.
Contract notice: Programming mission and assistance with project management for the construction of the jules verne house, a center of life and a business incubator bouguenais.
However, rather than the placid "blue" Danube of classical conception, Verne offers one which is golden, in multiple ways.
Jules Verne, The Count of Chanteleine: A Tale of the French Revolution.