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a native or resident of Vermont

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Vermonters are becoming more enthusiastic about achieving healthy lifestyles, but that has not always been the case, according to Arel.
We learned that true Vermonter or real Vermonter identity was validated by its juxtaposition to newcomers.
Ironically, perhaps the greatest baseball player ever born in Vermont (in Bellows Falls), and the man responsible for perhaps the most dramatic moment in New England sports history (the game 6 winning home run to even the 1975 World Series with Cincinnati) doesn't consider himself a Vermonter.
As a Vermonter who is "party to a civil union," there is much I could bemoan about how civil unions are not truly equal to marriage.
A Vermonter reported the cat opened the freezer, gorged on steaks, and left the door open for all the food inside to spoil.
David Lowenthal wrote George Perkins Marsh: Versatile Vermonter (1958).
There is admiration for the best of Southern gentility; the villain is a Vermonter.
The Vermont Country Store also launches a public service message from native Vermonter and The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore
I'm a resident Vermonter, and the things highlighted in the article are the kinds of things that are turning Vermont away from the simple dairy-farming state it used to be into one with a high-bureaucracy, anti-business climate.
More precisely, communities along the so-called "Knowledge Corridor,'' running north-south between the Vermont and Connecticut borders, will be able to take advantage of Amtrak's Vermonter passenger rail service beginning Dec.
I am extremely pleased that the spirit and content of Senate Bill 18 has finally passed, making it law that every Vermonter has the Right to Dry," said Senator McCormack, who played a key role in the bill's proposal.
As a Vermonter, I am extremely proud of what my native state has done.
Any Vermonter who is 18 years old or older is eligible for Catamount Health if they have been uninsured for more than 12 months OR if they lost their insurance because: they retired, a spouse died, they divorced, lost or quit a job, left college, no longer choose to receive COBRA, are no longer able to be a dependent on someone else's policy or they had their hours reduced at work.
The outreach field staff positions are part of the Campaign's plan to assure that each and every Vermonter has access to high quality affordable health care.