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Dutch painter renowned for his use of light (1632-1675)

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The author of this new book considers the optical investigations of seventeenth-century Dutch innovators Johannes Vermeer and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, whose parallel lives unfolded in Delft, as daring transformative acts in art and science.
This is why Vermeer drill rods provide superior longevity and steering performance.
Vermeer said the device can steer by a mine-by-line plan.
5% as part of the licence extension application process by operator Total; to be allocated to Vermeer
Using technology from Trimble, a global leader in GPS technology, the Vermeer T1255 direct drive Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine (SEM) now offers GPS steering as an option.
Tim is aware of recent speculations by the historian Philip Steadman and painter David Hockney to the effect that Vermeer did indeed, like his contemporaries, utilize optical devices, like lenses and mirrors in transferring images to canvas.
The work was tentatively attributed to Vermeer after it appeared in an exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum in 1969, and the authorship was reinforced in 1986, when leading Vermeer scholar Arthur Wheelock argued it was authentic.
Mild-mannered inventor Tim Jenison speculates that Vermeer used a combination of two ordinary mirrors and a lens to paint his amazing pictures and tries to prove his theory.
Tim's Vermeer 80mins 12A IT'S not easy to plug a film about paint drying, which occupies a good deal of this documentary's running time.
Visual effects pioneer Tim Jenison, a long-time friend of Penn's and a Vermeer obsessive, sets out to try to recreate one of the 17th century artist's most famous paintings, The Music Lesson.
THE Magic Lantern in Tywyn and Rhyl Apollo are joining more than 70 cinemas in the UK and thousands in more than 30 countries at 7pm on 10 October in giving the audience the opportunity to find out more about one of the most fascinating painters in history, Vermeer.
A contemporary resident of Delft was Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), the son of an innkeeper and picture dealer.
The BPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer combines simplicity, durability, and versatility to meet the needs of today's cattle producers.
This handsomely produced hardback was published to accompany a small and beautiful, eponymous exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum (5 October 2011-15 January 2012) that included four paintings by Vermeer among 32 carefully chosen depictions of the daily lives of women in the Dutch Republic during the 17th century.
Microsoft's Cambridge, UK, research facility has announced two projects investigating real-time interactive 3D displays, Vermeer and KinectFusion, neither of which requires viewing goggles or spectacles.