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a variety of white wine grape grown in Italy

a dry white Italian wine made from Verdicchio grapes

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3) In their readings of Il padre selvaggio, Luca Caminati, Pasquale Verdicchio, and Alessia Ricciardi focus upon how the screenplay illustrates Pasolini's enduring concern with pedagogy, first experimented with during his tenure as a teacher in Friuli and then in Rome, later projected onto an African backdrop in Il padre selvaggio and Appunti per un'Orestiade Africana (1970), and culminating in the pedagogical treatise Gennariello (1975), aimed at an imaginary Neopolitan schoolboy who represented for Pasolini the subaltern subject par excellence.
In May, Verdicchio launched its new events division, Natura Inspired Events, which offers banquet, meeting and catering services for small and large events.
Verdicchio used to come in a classic green bottle with a high curved shoulder, popular in Italian restaurants in the 1970s and 80s.
Other notable dry Italian white wines include: verdicchio (from the Marches); Orvieto (Umbria), vernaccia (Tuscany), vermentino (Sardinia), Soave (Veneto) and fuller-bodied greco di tufo (Campania).
Verdicchio, New York & London: Continuum Press, 2002).
Consumers are being invited to submit a photograph of their `Favourite Moncaro Moment' in the competition on bottles of Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC Anfora.
She rightly attributes to Verdicchio a postmodernist concern with fragmentation in which language is a function of memory and dis-placement.
In Veneto, good Soave, made largely from the Garganega, can be a revelation with a juicy citrus palate and almond overtones, while in central Italy Vermentino and Verdicchio are definitely underrated.
Finally, Villa Taurini Verdicchio di Matelica 2012, from Italy's Marche region, is reduced to a fiver in Tesco until April 8.
The initial wines for the launch will be Pinot Grigio, Verdicchio, Pinot Noir and Valpolicella Ripasso.
6) Verdicchio, chapter 5, insightfully analyzes the Comedy's comedy as its use of irony to expose acts of deceit, though he does not see this as enabling the poem ironically to surpass even its own merely human assertions and lay claim to a truth beyond what it can itself authenticate.
With an appealing crispness and almond notes, try Moncaro Verdicchio 2012, Marche, Italy (PS5.
The event's sponsors included Vale, Porter Airlines, the City of Greater Sudbury, Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, the Young Professionals Association, Eastlink for Business, Levert Executive Worldwide, Celerity Staffing, Urban Floral Designs, Ristorante Verdicchio, Laurentian University, Stantec, Querney's, Northern Life newspaper and Sudbury Living magazine.
Sainsbury''s Taste the Difference Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2010 is selling at pounds 5.