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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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and Rick Astley, and Robin Williams's verbal gymnastics are on top form.
If you have someone in mind, you will use your repertoire of verbal gymnastics to dazzle them.
In other words, intellectuals exercise verbal gymnastics to discredit empirical evidence in order to give them an undeserved aura of sagaciousness.
Many of the politicians are balancing on the edge of law, trying to hide their deeds with moralistic verbal gymnastics.
TRICKSY Tyke William Hague's verbal gymnastics over slippery billionaire Con-father Michael Ashcroft were a bald lesson in political evasion.
In the soap scenes we get verbal gymnastics, interesting staging, echoes of Shakespeare, evil twin sisters and buried-alive brothers rising from the dead--all playfully, skillfully and diversely portrayed by Gilpin, inhabiting seven characters in all.
While it is not always possible to recreate in English the range and breadth of Zanzotto's verbal gymnastics, the translations do allow us to appreciate much of his inventiveness of form and lexicon, rendered imaginatively by Barron, following the poet's lead, through unexpected combinations of words, hyphenated and distorted forms of composite signs and syntax.
How a nation of 'civilized,' 'sophisticated,' 'freedom-loving' people could sit back calmly and accept--and in some cases welcome--this exercise in verbal gymnastics will appear beyond belief.
His other creative signature is wordplay dialogue that doesn't hold a candle to Tarantino's verbal gymnastics, and gets terribly annoying pretty fast.
As two vibrant tongues collide, the verbal gymnastics of Chinglish should be celebrated, GLM argued, hailing "the astonishing complexity and richness of the Mandarin language" and forecast a rosy future for Chinglish.
ON a related topic, this time of year brings some verbal gymnastics from those determined to avoid the offensive c-word.
Love's Labour's Lost, for instance, raises ethical concerns about words, offering a "juxtaposition of verbal gymnastics and an anti-verbal message.
Immediately following the 60 minutes of physical and verbal gymnastics that constitute her Off-Broadway phenomenon No Child .
When he didn't have technical woes, Terfry scratched records, threw glitter in the air, and attempted verbal gymnastics to a tricky piece of classical music.
Rascal's verbal gymnastics are impressive, but apart from his call-and-response exchanges with the audience the music was a bit like getting your head kicked in by an enormous hi-fi centre.