phrasal verb

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an English verb followed by one or more particles where the combination behaves as a syntactic and semantic unit

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In (V) an example of an Amazon parse tree for an unexpected verb-particle construction is given.
And Juan de la Cruz's study of verb-particle constructions, although perhaps not as textually sensitive as it might be, is certainly suggestive about potential approaches to this notoriously tricky phenomenon.
Superlative verbs: A corpus-based study of semantic redundancy in English verb-particle constructions.
And with the verb-particle constructions in (39), part of the act of opening or closing the car window, that is, turning a handle, clearly instantiates the roll `move' schema.
the 'telling lies' sense of lying, the nouns sitting and standing, the verb-particle constructions (e.
Prepositional verbs are verb-particle constructions, on the surface similar to phrasal verbs, such as apply for; beware of etc.