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a genus of coarse poisonous perennial herbs

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Scientific name Family Sampling period 004-034 Veratrum patulum Liliaceae May 11, 2001 012-017 Iris ensata var.
Alkaloid and phenolic compounds of Galanthus caucasicus, Magnolia obovata, Cocculus laurifolius, and Veratrum lobelianum grown in Georgia.
He prescribed homeopathic doses of copper, camphor, and a flowering plant called veratrum.
In this article I shall attempt to comment on the verbal choices Persius selects in order to refer to the particular plant, with special emphasis on the word veratrum at 1.
Anticlea 6/3; Schoenocaulon 25 (26)/23 (24); Toxicoscordium 2/0; Veratrum 1/0
Veratrum alkaloids and distal inhibitors of cholesterol biosynthesis are teratogens that have been associated with holoprosencephaly.
It is seen that the occurrence of cyclopia type malformations also induce by ingestion of some alkaloid containing plant, like Veratrum californicum which has common name as skunk cabbage, western helibore, palls helibore and wild corn.
The meadows consisted of forbs (for example, Triteleia ixioides, Lewisia nevadensis, Rumex salicifolius, Achillea lanulos, Veratrum californicum, Mimulus primuloides), grasses (Achnatherum lettermanii, Poa pratensis, Deschampsia cespitosa, Holcus lanata), sedges (Carex rostrata, C.
Contrasting effects of grazing and hay cutting on the spatial and genetic population structure of Veratrum album, an unpalatable, long-lived, clonal plant species.
Chamaelirium luteum (also known as Helonias dioica, Helonias lutea, Veratrum luteum, false unicorn root) is referred to by Cook in his 1869 The Physiomedical Dispensatory, for menorrhagia with laxity and depression, as well as restoring the menstrual flow, possible allusions to menopausal symptoms.
En Australia, esta anomalia se relaciona con el consumo de la planta Veratrum californicum entre el los dias 16 y 17 de gestacion (3).
MEDICAMENTO B (1,1 ml ampolla) Colocynthis D4; Ammonium bromatum D4; Atropinum sulfuricum D6; Veratrum D6; Magnesium Phosphoricum D6; Gelsemium D6 ana Passiflora incarnate D2; Agaricus D4; Chamomilla D3; Cuprum sulfuricum D6 ana 0,55[micron]l, Aconitum 6 2,2[micron].
Geraniums, irises, tree lupins, alliums, scabious and Veratrum all jostle for attention, a riot of colour and form.