venture capital

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wealth available for investment in new or speculative enterprises

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And venture capitalists worry that the government money will distort their high-risk, high-return business by pulling scarce private dollars out of promising start-ups and well-run venture-capital funds and into less-commercial companies and subsidized but less expert venture-capital funds.
The venture-capital market has dried up in the last several years," argues Sen.
venture-capital funds raised in 2004 through the third quarter now stands at $10.
Our fund-raising outlook survey, compiled with Ernst & Young at the end of 2003, indicated that more than half of venture-capital firms planned to at least start raising new funds this year," said Matthew Garlick, manager of research operations at VentureOne.
Managing a venture-capital investment fund of $350 million, Innovatech Montreal specializes in technological innovation - from start-up to success.