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Pathophysiology of varicocele Proposed Details mechanism Hyperthermia The scrotal position of the testicle allows for heat exchange between the pampiniform venous plexus and testicular artery regulating optimal temperature for spermatogenesis.
Batson and Eckenhoff showed that there were multiple anastomoses and free connections between this venous plexus and the dural sinuses, the emissary veins of the skull as well as numerous junctions with the cervical plexus.
Most researchers claim that it occurs at the epidural venous plexus in the spinal epidural space of the thoracic spine, and the abdominal cavity can also be directly affected.
The fourth point is that this case shows predominately central multiple mediastinal venous plexus collaterals around the bronchi, pulmonary arteries, and pulmonary veins resulting in early filling of central pulmonary veins with paucity of contrast in peripheral pulmonary veins unlike the other two reported cases [5, 6].
Effect of bleeding site on clinical laboratory testing of rats: orbital venous plexus versus posterior vena cava.
In recent years, we began to study whether damage to the pterygoid venous plexus (PVP) during the resection of large juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNAs) in the infratemporal fossa is an important factor in blood loss.
Some authors believe that the cerebral form is caused by aberrant worms migration to the vertebral venous plexus (Batson plexus), producing eggs directly in the CNS (8).
After entering the arterial circulation via the left side of the heart, the schistosomulae settle in the liver where they mature into adults over a period of one to four weeks before reaching the vesical venous plexus.
The anastomosis between the pelvic venous plexus and subcutaneous veins explains the not infrequent occurrence of ova in the skin overlying the genito-rectal area.
The differential diagnosis at endoscopy should also include inflammatory or infectious stricture, postcricoid cancer, or extrinsic compression from a submucosal venous plexus.
Later, the word "hemorrhoids" also meant swelling, inflammation, bleeding and loss of internal rectal venous plexus nodes.
The infection may spread from the face via the facial venous plexus, which connects to the valveless emissary veins into the cranium.
For descriptive purposes, the vertebral venous plexus has been subdivided into three intercommunicating divisions (2) (Figure 2):
It replicates the action of venous plexus in the foot, which is especially valuable for patients who cannot ambulate.