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the provincial capital of Veneto

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According to Venezia, Loretta is very curious and is not afraid of the water at all.
Following the patient's post-chemoradiation brachytherapy boost treatments, Elekta is reportedly the first company in the Australia / Asia-Pacific region to use the Venezia Advanced Gynecological Applicator.
Un tempo in cui Venezia fu la capitale dell'intrattenimento mondano alla pari, e forse ancor piu, di Parigi.
Altri ancora, come Luigi Cimmino, vedono riflettersi nelle opere lo Zeitgeist del periodo in cui sono state realizzate: "La morte a Venezia .
Venezia Containers Delta Shipping June, 20, 2014, 22:00
Though tearing yourself away from the vast, 3,421-pitch, village-like Marina di Venezia really is easier said than done.
Hotel Bella Venezia has signed a cooperation contract with the Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services for the following services:
In the early 1970s, Venezia developed a new format: paintings shaped like long, narrow bars--a shape he continues to use today.
The stores will be open their usual hours today and gift cards will be honored at least until May 10, said Craig Venezia, spokesman for liquidator Gordon Brothers Group.
After extensive research we found that men are very much interested in grooming, but we weren't seeing that same uptake at the shelf," marketing director Joseph Venezia says.
Teenager Jason Venezia downed half a litre of vodka in just 20 minutes as he tried to win a bet with his friends.
Mrs Venezia said: "Jason never gave us any problems as he was growing up.
Jason Venezia (above), a 19 year-old psychology student, downed half a litre of vodka in just 20 minutes.
It has the additional effect, however, of heightening the sense of atrocity of the second half, as the twenty-one-year-old Venezia finds himself in the hell of Bunker 2.
CAPTURING the magic of Venice is difficult to do in a cosmopolitan city like Glasgow, but the owners of bar and restaurant Venezia have managed to do just that.