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a slot machine for selling goods

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City officials said an informal survey found there are typically one to four vending machines outside a supermarket or commercial center.
echnavio's analysts forecast the global vending machine market to grow at a CAGR of 14.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) released new Smart snacks in school nutrition standards, which are aimed to ensure that school vending machines offer only healthy choices.
8220;The custom vending machines that are placed at businesses will enable the artists to obtain a commission from the machines and an additional promotion of the brand, so it is definitely a win-win situation,” Andre Bramwell said.
For example, vending machines can automatically reorder when low filling levels are reached, thus enabling the vending machine operator to optimize the refilling process.
Vending machines without information about the owner may be seized.
The legislation does not ban vending machines themselves.
There are just too many vending machines now, so we hope people join us to rethink if they're truly necessary,'' said Keiko Shiraishi, who serves as the secretariat for the NGO campaign.
Currently, such vending machines are used to sell cigarettes in taverns, cocktail lounges, hotels and motels.
QA I am making preparations to go into the vending machine business.
The new offerings sit alongside the usual vending machine fare in a new cyber cafe on Columbia's Morningside Heights campus.
ELFED HIGH SCHOOL Vending machines in attached leisure centre selling fizzy drinks, chocolate and Lucozade.
You have no time to go out and get lunch and now you're at work, staring down a row of vending machines.
State courts and consumer there's a link junk food sold from school vending machines, and rising rates of diabetes (buildup of sugar in the bloodstream) and obesity in young people.
Manufacturers of vending machines, vending machine filling products, payment systems, vending machine accessories, remote data transmission systems and peripheral devices and facilities, and vending machine operators and service companies will be among the exhibitors.