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Synonyms for vegetative

of or relating to an activity that is passive and monotonous


composed of vegetation or plants

relating to involuntary bodily functions

(of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes


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While they were able to save his life, he is presently in a vegetative state, with no awareness of his surroundings and cannot communicate," the mission said.
There is a small chance ([+ or -]5%) that patients in a vegetative state will respond favourably.
First verified in 2006 by a brain scan of a woman in a vegetative state, covert consciousness has been sought by researchers among other patients ever since.
The committee concluded that Aruna met most of the criteria of being in a permanently vegetative state.
The diagnostic criteria for the Vegetative State were drawn up in 1994, by the US Multi-Society Task Force on PVS (Table 2) [5].
Rory Rogers with his fiance Stacey Mckeowen before the assault which >left him in a persistent vegetative state Wales News Service
Hartstein's graph, the prognosis for someone who is in PVS 12 months into the accident is that there is a little chance of becoming conscious and a greater chance of dying or remaining in persistent vegetative state in the next seven months.
Adrian Owen, a researcher at the University of Western Ontario who focuses on studying the neural activity of vegetative state patients using a type of brain scanning called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
Not only did we find the patient had the ability to pay attention, we also found independent evidence of their ability to follow commands -- information which could enable the development of future technology to help patients in a vegetative state communicate with the outside world," Dr Srivas Chennu at the University of Cambridge, said.
The doctors deny that the former president is in a vegetative state," the statement added.
Contract award: home accommodation for residential care of people in a vegetative state and minimally conscious and shelter for the family reintegration assisted the patient in a vegetative state and minimally conscious - phase respite care.
Some will regain consciousness but others will remain in a so-called vegetative state.
How many innocent people have lost their lives, been raped and beaten to a pulp and left in a vegetative state because of the bleeding hearts?
First they consider what the vegetative state is, what it's like to be in the vegetative state, what it's like to live with patients in the vegetative state and how society should deal with these patients, and a final section considers how decisions are to be reached.
Because I was in a position that I could have been left without the ability to speak, without the ability to see - capable of life but in a vegetative state without the ability to move, certainly on the right side, probably all sides, and clearly with the brain compromised.