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Niche online dating sites like Vegans in Love attract only vegan singles, so the pool of members has already been “screened” just by the nature of the site.
Because vegans do not eat the standard American diet, most packaged convenience food and many restaurants are off-limits to them.
Spiritual healers, environmental and animal rescue groups and vegan vendors selling such treats as soy ice cream drew thousands Sunday to WorldFest Los Angeles, an annual event that promotes world peace through daily living.
Produced by the Vegan Society, it lists hotels, guest houses, restaurants, cafes and pubs which are prepared to cater for vegans as a matter of course or by prior arrangement.
We also theorized that vegans were more likely to stay vegetarian or vegan than vegetarians who weren't vegan in 2006.
The Vegan Substitutes Guide app targets new vegans, those who are just experimenting, or people looking for healthier ways to prepare their favorite foods.
com)-- With all the of press coverage and celebrity endorsements of the vegan lifestyle, it's no wonder vegan products are gaining ground in a seemingly endless atmosphere of non-vegan grocery items.
Dating Vegans is useful for people who aren't vegan as well.
I think many vegans still make extensive use of foods like brown rice, lentils, and tofu, and so they still rank as among the most important vegan foods.
com)-- MuLondon is delighted to announce that it has won the title of Outstanding Vegan Business in the annual Vegan of the Year Awards.
As a 50-something vegan, I'm definitely a member of Never Too Late to Go Vegans target audience.
From nutritional needs that change with aging to steps for going vegan and involving friends and family, this incorporates advice from dozens of over-50 vegans and is far more than your usual cookbook approach to the transition into a vegan lifestyle.
FOR vegans a meat and dairy free diet isn't just about health - it's about leading a sustainable life.
The charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the city - often dubbed the sick man of Europe for its high rates of mortality, obesity and heart disease - outperformed locations including London and Brighton for its range of restaurants catering for vegans.