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This directly fuels vegan travel whether it's more vegans searching for vegan travel options or more non-vegans not fearing to be on a tour with vegans and eating vegan meals for one or two weeks at a time," Lovas added.
com)-- From February 9 - 18, Maryland Vegan Eats invites restaurant goers to visit local eateries in Baltimore and Baltimore County who have been challenged to produce new and creative vegan-friendly dishes - not just another freaking salad.
Farplace Animal Rescue organises the West Yorkshire Vegan Festival HUDDERSFIELD Town Hall goes meat-free this weekend as the venue welcomes the West Yorkshire Vegan Festival.
And while existing restaurants are changing their menus to make the most of the growth in veganism, specialist food outlets are catering only to vegans.
The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo (PS6) and Conditioner (PS6) have a cult following - and not just among vegans.
And according to the Vegan Society, the number of people considering themselves vegan in the UK has already grown from 150,000 a decade ago to over 542,000 today and looks set to grow further over the next few years.
Hi Fiona, love your page but felt I should point out that the new Quorn VEGAN logo saves having to squint at ingredients and therefore helps vegans a lot.
Even Vegans Die tackles difficult topics ranging from coping with chronic illness to death and dying in a sensitive, practical way.
To translate, vegans generally don't eat or use any animal products or derivatives, both in food and everyday life.
According to Vegans of Manila, it may be a small step, giving out vegan food, but it's still a way of planting the seeds of compassion and veganism.
5 million are vegans who refrain from all animal products.
It's complex as not testing on animals is a legal requirement in the EU: the sticking point is in China all products must be tested on animals, so if a brand sells in China, vegans argue it's not cruelty-free.
Vicky Tate from The Bohemian said: "When asked how we would persuade non vegans to try our restaurant during NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week we always say that our mission is to make vegan food that is anything but stereotypical.
VEGANS rejoice - because one of the best-loved restaurant chains in the country is set to be much more accommodating to you.