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TIP:If you don't have a compass, use Google Earth to see which area would be best to grow your veg.
The launch of the scheme comes as concerns are rising that shoppers are starting to cut back on fruit and veg.
The standard variety 'Carlton', grown at closer spacing, produced 100 leeks and worked as a baby veg.
As part of the project, the shops will also display Change4Life posters and signs as well as appointing a member of staff to champion fresh fruit and veg.
Baby carrots are simply those which are harvested early, although a number of varieties including Parmex, Ideal and Mini Finger are often recommended for growing as mini veg.
An EU ban on the sale of misshapen fruit and veg will be lifted tomorrow, with some stores already promising bargain bags of barmy veg.
In the programme, presenter Carol Klein took novice veg growers through a gardening year, learning from RHS experts how to get the best out of their space, showing that whatever size your patch - from a balcony to a suburban back garden - anyone can grow veg.
It is only cheaper to eat junk food if you are too lazy or too stupid to shop around for the best deals on fresh fruit and veg.
Combining Muze's comprehensive entertainment data with Virgin's inventory data allows us to provide our customers with the richest product information possible, so everything consumers want to know about our products is right at their fingertips," said Anthony Deen, vice president of Retail Development for VEG.
The researchers concluded there was no difference in polyphenol content between conventional and organic veg.
The standard variety, 'Carlton', grown at closer spacing, produced 100 leeks and worked as a baby veg.
The wonky veg competition comes hot on the heels of the European Union ditching regulations that restricted the size, shape and colour of 26 types of fruit and veg.
By the time your child is two years old, it's important to start introducing a variety of foods, including fruit and veg.
FOOD giants Heinz are to help mums to get their kids eating more veg.