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Cons: The high intake of saturated fat may increase your risk of heart disease and there are concerns that the lack of fruit, veg and dairy products together with a high protein intake may affect your bone and kidney health in the long term.
Consumers want a one-stop vegetable solution and the Burgess Harvest Veg brand aims to meet this need.
But veg also win a place in the looks department, she says.
In it, she features fabulously ornamental purple kale in brightly coloured plastic trugs, lime-green lettuce in a bubblegum pink metal bucket, leafy veg in wooden crates and a hanging basket made out of an old metal colander.
The manual element means Village Veg can't compete with mechanised farming.
The company sources its fruit and veg from Surrey-based Hilliard Bros.
In her own 20ft by 50ft garden in Birmingham, Alys mixes veg with flowers throughout her borders, placing salvias next to tomatoes, broad beans and pink-flowering strawberries beside aquilegia, and makes bold statements with structural globe artichokes, rhubarb and courgettes.
Apparently boys are not getting their five fruit and veg a day, resulting in dodgy bones.
With Veg Out Vegetarian Guide to Seattle & Portland (Gibbs Smith Publishing, $12.
When Veg Pro International evaluated the benefits and issues that would result from replacing its corrugated containers with returnable plastic ones, it didn't take them long to do the math.
org, has added the VEG Virtual Trade Show, providing a platform for buyers and sellers of value-enhanced grain products, goods and services to identify potential business partners.
Vitamin AOily fish, butter, eggs, red and yellow veg
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Every winter, Veg Pro International relies on its Belle Glade farms and facilities to produce its popular salads sold under the Fresh Attitude(TM) brand.