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English composer influenced by folk tunes and music of the Tudor period (1872-1958)

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Following on from his interest in folk music through his family's connections with the Broadwood family, in 1903 Ralph Vaughan Williams began to collect folk songs in Essex.
Collectively they yield a more nuanced view of Vaughan Williams as orchestral composer.
De los gentilicios enlistados, son los Ingleses quienes cuentan con las mayores aportaciones, no solo porque Simpson inauguro la senda que volveria a recorrer Vaughan Williams entre 1949 y 1952, sino porque el origen de las estaciones de Haydn y G.
Vaughan Williams might have denied it was a war symphony, but, with so much war imagery (clattering guns and cannon fire) it's hard to think otherwise.
And the two sets of jacket notes, written by David Pike and Hugh Cobbe of the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust, are comprehensive and enlightening.
Vaughan Williams first encountered this Royal Navy song in 1905 at the Union Workhouse in King's Lynn, Norfolk.
Vaughan Williams indeed never got over Butterworth, or the idea that had the latter lived he would have been the great composer of his generation.
The programme includes music from Holst, Vaughan Williams, John Rutter and Karl Jenkins.
Here, the classical 'fab four' - Holst, Walton, Elgar and Vaughan Williams - were brought together under one umbrella in what proved a wellchosen programme of homegrown delights which showed there's more to this Sceptred Isle than The Planets and Pomp and Circumstance.
Enid Vaughan Williams died at the Allt Wen Hospital at Tremadog after suffering a stroke.
The idea was first given a public airing last year on behalf of the Racing Forum by trainer Ferdy Murphy but the group's submission to the DCMS - published online alongside 12 other responses - has been given statistical back-up by an independent assessment from Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams of Nottingham Trent University.
This is not to say Radio 4 listeners prefer Vaughan Williams to Beethoven or Elgar to Mozart.
Wolfers and Zitzewitz 2004; Smith, Paton, and Vaughan Williams 2006) and may be open to systematic biases, such as optimism bias (Cowgill, Wolfers, and Zitzewitz 2008) and the favorite-longshot bias (e.
THE Lark Ascending by British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams has been voted the nation's favourite piece of classical music for the third year running.