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a Christian sect of dissenters that originated in southern France in the late 12th century adopted Calvinist doctrines in the 16th century

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A force d'obstination, le Vaudois finissait par convertir sa premiere balle de break avec un rallye de 22 coups et empocher la deuxieme manche.
2] Department of Visceral Surgery, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland;
It notes a lack of adequate biological specimens, particularly soft tissues, and the eight years between death and the investigation, rendering detection subject to uncertainties But it concludes results "moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with polonium-210" The scientists - from the Vaudois University Hospital Centre (CHUV) in Lausanne, Switzerland - carried out a detailed examination of Arafat's medical records, samples taken from his remains and items he had taken into the hospital in Paris where he died in 2004.
New toxicological and radio-toxicological investigations were performed, demonstrating unexpectedly high-levels of polonium-210 and lead-210 activity in many of the analysed specimens," said the report penned by 10 experts at the Vaudois University Hospital Centre (CHUV).
Beatrice Schd, head of communications at the Vaudois University Hospital Centre (CHUV) which is in charge of the institute, said the case report was the "scientific version" of what was given to the media.
Fleeing organized persecution and massacre, the Vaudois from northern Italy and southern France found progressively refuge in the highest summits of the French Alps.
2) Works in this vein include her two-volume A Pilgrimage to Auvergne, from Picardy to Le Velay in 1842, her The Falls, Lakes, and Mountains, of North Wales in 1845, and her A Tour to and from Venice, by the Vaudois and the Tyrol in 1846, as well as several "Sketches of Legendary Cities" for Bentley's Miscellany, including pieces on Shrewsbury, Bath, Tintern Abbey, and Bristol.
Seven hospitals contributed data to this study: St-Antoine, Cochin, and St-Joseph (Paris, France); Kremlin-Bicetre (Kremlin-Bicetre, France); Gustave Roussy (Ville Juif, France); St-Luc (Brussels, Belgium); and Centre Vaudois (Lausanne, Switzerland).
Le Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) a recu debut aout un courrier de l'Autorite palestinienne demandant cet examen et il a sollicite la veuve du dirigeant palestinien pour obtenir son accord.
Sebastein Romy of the department of visceral surgery, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland, and his associates.
Antiquites lacustres: album du Musee Cantonal Vaudois.
Among his perspectives are persecution, refugees, and the Protestant International response 1688-1690; post-war pressures for a refugee retreat elsewhere 1697-1700; King William's patronage of Huguenot refugee resettlement in Virginia 1699-1700; Benjamin De Joux and Vaudois influence at Manakin Town; and Huguenots in the storm at Manakin Town.
The next 87 minutes Solar Impulse test pilot Markus Scherdel spent familiarizing himself with the prototypeOs flight behaviour and performing the initial flight exercises before making the first landing on the Vaudois tarmac.
But he assumes too lightly that the trials in question are all for diabolical witchcraft, he takes fragmentary reports in the Malleus maleficarum as seriously as judicial documents, and even when the evidence points to difference between Vaudois patterns of confession and Italian patterns, he elides these differences.