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the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican City

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Alejandro Planchart finds three types of music by Guillaume Du Fay in this category--proses, Kyries, and hymns--but not elaborate polyphony, which Adalbert Roth then demonstrates entered the repertory near the end of the reign of Sixtus IV, shortly after a conspicuous increase in the number of singers and the construction of a large new chapel in the Vatican palace.
Renazzi (1803) writes that the Pope "took advantage of Mercati's work to create a museum in the Vatican Palace in which all the products of nature would be assembled, especially items from the mineral world, for the convenience and benefit of students of Natural History," and of course also to bring credit to the Vatican itself.
Pius IX (1792-1878) remained in the Vatican palace, which was left to him, and considered himself a "prisoner of the Vatican," as did the Popes who succeeded him for the next half-century.
In the rooms and loggias commissioned for the Vatican Palace during the papacies of Julius II and Leo X, Raphael and his workshop employed their own fantasy and caprice to recreate and outdo the work of the ancients.
In the final essay, Rudolf Chadraba discusses the relationship between Renaissance Platonism and Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican palace, suggesting (but certainly not proving) that the architect Bramante and the papal adviser Egidio da Viterbo had a decisive influence on the iconography of the frescoes.
As architect to the Vatican palace during the reign of first Paul Iv and then the high-spending Pius IV, who poured a million and a half gold scudi into architecture and fortifications during the first three years of his pontificate, Ligorio was at the heart of renaissance architecture during the late 1550s and early 1560s.
Dandelet is not helped by the fact that the first cultural foray in his book, on Annius and the decoration of the Borgia apartments in the Vatican palace, covers much the same territory described at greater length and with greater verve in Ingrid Rowland's The Culture of the High Renaissance (1998).
The Galleria delle Carte Geografiche in the Vatican Palace.
Historians of geography have usually noted the decoration of the Vatican Palace, the "cosmografia" of Pope Pius IV begun in the early 1560s, as an inspiration to the cardinal for Caprarola.
Leaving the Vatican palace that evening, Michelangelo mounted his horse and wrapped himself in his heavy black cloak against the chill winter wind.
In spite of his secular background (he is an atheist and embraces a strongly Darwinian world view), he easily finds his place in the male fellowship of the Vatican palaces, where he is confined with the cardinals, and where everyone has a recognizable role.
I am a practising Roman Catholic but along with millions of others worship our God of love and kindness rather than the men - and only men - in the Vatican palaces from which they rule without a take on modern day life against the use of condoms, contraception and in this case, against adoption.
I dream of the day when I can go to visit the Vatican palaces as I now go for a walk to the Castle of Versailles," she said.
After making his mark in Florence, he moved to Rome in 1508 to work for a succession of popes, creating great treasures for the Vatican palaces, including "The Transfiguration" and the glorious Raphael Rooms.