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each of two councils of the Roman Catholic Church

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s artful selection of these themes and documents as his focusing lenses, we are provided with a clear picture of the fundamental vision of the Second Vatican Council.
This was based on his merits of opening the Second Vatican Council.
Celebrating this jubilee year of the Second Vatican Council, the proceedings of the annual conference of the North American Academy of Ecumenists are both sign and symbol of ecumenical urgency fifty years thereafter.
Spokesperson for the Vatican Council for Interfaith dialogue Cardinal Jean-Louis Toran, stated in his al-Fitr message absolute need for reeducating Christian and Muslim youth in the spirit of peace so that they work together toward this end.
They would use a post-Second Vatican Council = missal, which includes a Good Friday prayer for Jews which asks that they "= arrive at the fullness of redemption.
Most students of American Catholicism identify the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) as a moment of profound transformation for the church.
Pope Benedict XVI yesterday pledged to work to unify all Christians, reach out to other religions and continue the reforms of the Second Vatican Council as he outlined his goals and made clear he would follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II.
The Old Catholic Church was founded after the First Vatican Council in 1870 declared papal infallibility.
Whether or not intended, however, Gibson's film does resurrect the age-old image of the Jew as Christ killer--a charge presumably put to rest by the Second Vatican Council in 1965.
Gibson, a Traditionalist Catholic who rejects the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (which took pains to declare that the Jews were not collectively responsible for Christ's death and were not ``rejected or cursed by God''), spent $30 million of his own money to make ``The Passion.
Pio Nono, in fact, emerges as the key villain, both real and symbolic, of the book: an ignorant, petulant-when-not-hysterical power-monger (he once made a group of liberal German bishops kiss his shoe in obeisance), Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti represents for Wills something like the outer limit of obscurantism and duplicity, culminating in his rigged definition of papal infallibility at the First Vatican Council.
He convened the Second Vatican Council, popularly known as "Vatican II" which gave official church endorsement to religious toleration.
He sees this as the tragic consequence of trying to restore the past instead of living in the future envisioned by Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council.
He was a noted spiritual advisor to the second Vatican Council (1962-65) and is one of the 20 co-authors of the manifesto for the U.
Among specific topics are key themes in the study of medieval liturgy, in pursuit of participation--liturgy and liturgists in early modern and post-Enlightenment Catholicism, the vision of the constitution on the liturgy, the liturgy and sacred language, and the history of the uses antiquior and its importance after the Second Vatican Council.