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the capital of the State of the Vatican City

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31 in the chapel of the Vatican City governor's palace.
Speaking in a joint press conference in Vatican City, Vincenzo Paglia urged expansion of bilateral ties and called for more meetings in the future.
While Vatican City is the home of the pope and the Catholic Church's hierarchy, it's unclear who watched this film-or if that person has any connection to the church.
One IP address from Vatican City frequently downloaded TV shows like "Chicago Fire," "The Neighbors" and "Touch," while another seemed fond of "The Americans.
For instance, protocol requirements are stricter in Vatican City than in almost any other place that hosts a U.
In the Holy See's case, the declarations are to be made to Vatican financial authorities or the gendarmes guarding the ancient gates of Vatican City.
The Vatican's workforce includes about 3,000 lay workers who live outside Vatican City State.
Because it is such a small country, however, Vatican City shares government functions with Rome and Italy.
Vatican City -- Pope Benedict told the Roman Curia December 22, 2006 in his annual pre-Christmas speech that there is "an unbreakable connection between the relationship of people with God and their relationships with each other;" and that the world would have greater peace and hope for the future if more of us believed in God and recognized each other as his children.
I was completely taken aback when a group of nuns asked me for my autograph after I was introduced at the world premiere in Vatican City on Sunday,'' confessed Oscar Isaac, who just flew in from Rome and plays Joseph in the film that opens today.
sodomy laws in 2003, and no European countries outlaw gay sex--not even Vatican City.
Informatively taking the reader through the Medici Popes, the sack of the Roman Empire, medieval sieges, the Napoleonic War, the unification of Italy, the imprisonment of the Pope, World War I and II, the resistance to the Nazi s, and collective information on more recent Popes, The Pope's Army is an invaluable documentation of the Vatican City and the Popes with respect to the dedicated military guard serving to protect of the papal well-being and safety for last the five-hundred years.
Anticipation builds as I stand in the interminable line that snakes along the walls surrounding Vatican City, one of Rome's greatest attractions.
How To Be Pope: What To Do And Where To Go Once You're In The Vatican by Piers Marchant is a humorous approach to informing the reader of everything to do with being the Pope, and knowing the Vatican City.
The drama is intense, and Kertzer's conclusion is that today, while Italy remains a secular state with Rome as its capital, it is the Pope, living in Vatican City (the negotiations establishing this compromise are detailed in this book), who holds the moral authority in the country and around the world, marginalizing the leaders of the Italian revolution.