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Synonyms for VAT

Synonyms for VAT

a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids


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Octavian's) I will follow, I will be a great vates singing about your camp (ll.
10: though Octavian has not yet conquered the East, he is planning to do so and the poet is preparing to become the vates by foreseeing the celebrations that will follow the victories.
Para nosotros, vate vale por poeta; para los antiguos, por profeta y poeta.
Un o'r bands nes i ddim eu gweld oedd Vates, grwp sy'n cynnwys yr hynod Dewi Prysor.
Tibullus as vates appears appropriately enough in a poem to Apollo (C.
Meanwhile, new homicide detective Ray Vates (Noel Palomaria) is getting razzed enough by his co-workers just for being a rookie -- what if they knew he was gay?
The tasks of both master craftsman and vates are thus combined in the collection L'incorrigible, which belongs to that tradition of poetry that believes in transcendence and seeks out absolutes: "Et l'on peut ecouter longtemps, fige sur le trottoir,/Sans comprendre le sens des mots, mais chaque voix est vraie.
That Drayton gives us Taliesin the vates in a place that calls for Taliesin the historian is revealing.
Sesiwn Fawr is held on the Marian, Dolgellau n North Wales band Super Furry Animals headline the Friday night, which also features Sibrydion, MC Sleifar a'r Teulu and Batala Bermo There'll be a reggae theme to the Saturday night line-up, which includes Nasio Fontaine from Dominica and Estynedig, an amalgamation of North Wales groups Anweledig, Vates and Estella Other artists to feature on Saturday include Elin Fflur, Gwyneth Glyn, Drymbago, The Poppies, Alun Tan Lan, Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc and Mim Twm Llai
Vates, Di pravinho, Annioddefol, Llan Clan, Wyrligigs, Hecate, G.
Also appearing are Hugh Chiswell, Frizbee, who recently won the Radio Cymru Pop and Rock Awards, Sibrydion, formed by exmembers of Big Leaves, Estynedig, formerly part of the Anweledig, Estella and Vates line-ups and Yr Hwntws with their original line-up.
A veces son las mismas, como las hojas de los arboles en que escribia la profetisa griega sus vaticinios y no hay que olvidar que la palabra vaticinio deriva de vate, que es una de las palabras con las que denominamos al poeta.