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Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)

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Currently on show is an exhibition at the Uffizi of the work of Plautilla Nelli, the 16th-century Dominican nun thought to be the first woman to treat the subject of the Last Supper and one of the few female painters mentioned by Vasari (until 4 June; Fig.
Vasaris acquisition of KWV represents a return to the South African market by entrepreneur Vivian Imerman, best-known for his leadership of JSE-listed food conglomerate Del Monte in the 1980s and 1990s, and ownership of global scotch company Whyte & Mackay in the 2000s.
Many companies know that it's a good investment for the future," said Vasari Energy Vice President Stephen Smith.
Rick Scorzas contribution discusses the lengths Vasari went to in order to gain the most authentic image of the pope.
Although Vasari seems reduced at times to visual mouthpiece, Williams concludes with a dazzling discussion of Borghini's influence on Vasari's 1568 re-conceptualization of "progress" in the arts as "sustainable perfection" (38)--that historical development could culminate in a set of artistic practices and principles, i.
Vasari writes that "very often do we see in the sciences of learning and in the more liberal arts, that those men who are melancholy are the most assiduous in their studies, and show the greatest patience in supporting the burden of their labors; so that there are few of that disposition who do not become excellent in such professions.
De fato, ele recomenda ao seu leitor, as Vite, de Vasari, fazendo com este manifesto, um aceno de agradecimento ao historiador florentino, pela dependencia teorica que manteve em relacao a sua obra.
Vasari, describing one of his works, said, "there is a palm tree, the radiating crown of which is drawn with such marvellous skill that no one without Leonardo's understanding and patience could have done it" (13).
It disappeared 60 years later when Vasari, himself an admirer of da Vinci's work, was commissioned to enlarge and completely remodel the hall, painting six new murals on its walls.
Les plus hautes autorites culturelles de Florence dont l'Opificio delle Pietre Dure --ou Office de la pierre dure, celebre institut de recherche et restauration d'oeuvres picturales--, soutenues par le maire de gauche Matteo Renzi, sont convaincues que Giorgio Vasari a peint en 1563 la "Bataille de Marciano" qui orne les murs du Palazzo Vecchio, en recouvrant la fresque de Leonard.
Some believe that Vasari was loathe to destroy Leonardo's work, so he built a new wall with an air gap of several centimetres in front of the Leonardo in order to preserve what was left.
Although, according to his biographer Vasari, he had never before worked in marble, he began to copy an antique bust of a faun; the only difference being that Michelangelo's faun was open-mouthed and laughing, with his teeth and tongue exposed, true to life.
In 1563, a new ruler--who wasn't crazy about a mural that honored the previous government--commissioned architect Giorgio Vasari to give the hall a makeover.
The Lives of such antiheroes as Buonamico Buffalmaco, Andrea del Castagno, and Baccio Bandinelli, as related by Vasari, offer a literary counterpoint--a narrative tension--necessary for highlighting the accomplishments of the heroes of Vasari's work, and Ladis focuses here on Giotto, Domenico Veneziano, and Michelangelo.
IN this second episode, we discover paintings documented by Giorgio Vasari in his book Lives Of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors And Architects.