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Roman scholar (116-27 BC)

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Just as Varro is commonly understood to have depicted the earliest Romans as aniconic in an effort to cope with the social and political conditions of the Late Republic, a time in which the influx of Greek culture led to extravagance and impiety, von Ehrenkrook posits that Josephus depicts the Jews as aniconic in order to help dispel some of the anti-Jewish sentiment in Rome.
Placer le bilinguisme au centre d'une etude sur les relations transnationales (2) semble legitime puisque le maintien de la langue maternelle serait la pierre angulaire de l'attachement d'un immigre a son pays d'origine (Lindenfeld et Varro ibid.
Boethius and Ward-Perkins (1970, 152) argue that Vitruvius and Varro were right in deriving the cava aedium (atrium) from the Etruscans because the main features of the atrium could be traced back to the archaic Etruscan architecture.
A uagitus was a human sound, probably not peculiar to goats' (haedi) as Varro suggested (Ling.
Em "Les presupposes de la notion d'interculturel--Reflexions sur l'usage du terme depuis trente ans", a sociologa Gabrielle Varro afirma que, ja na decada de 70, o termo interculturalidade esta relacionado a programas fomentados pela Comunidade Economica Europeia direcionados aos imigrantes e suas familias.
Fossil fuels will be the backbone of energy industry for the next 25 years, but the cost gap between fossil fuels and non-fossil fuels is narrowing," said Laszlo Varro (head, Gas Coal and Power Division, International Energy Agency, France) while recalling that oil price increased five fold whereas solar panel prices dropped by 25%.
Organised by Nathalie Dubois of Dubois Pelin and Associates, this year's VIP experience included goodies courtesy of Black and Brown London, Simi bags, Eva Varro clothes, Fitflop, Barbara Bela designer dresses, luxury holidays to Bora Bora and Thailand, scents by Amouge, designer shades by Marchon Eyewear, all watered down with refreshments from The Berry Company.
They preferred to wait for the new consuls, Paulus and Varro, and leave the decision of whether to fight or not to them.
Varro says that these letters essentially repeat the manual on this subject which he wrote for Pompey when the latter was consul-designate in 71 (the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
of Glasgow) presents Latin texts facing pages of English translation for two chapters that are particularly important for students of Roman religion, because Augustine grapples with the works of Terrentium Varro, the leading Roman authority on the mythical, natural, and civic theologies of Rome.
In this article, we will focus on ten Greek and Roman writers who mentioned the king bee, namely Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, Varro, Virgil, Seneca the Younger, Columella, Pliny the Elder, Dio Chrysostom and Aelian.
Allegories of Farming from Greece and Rome: Philosophical Satire in Xenophor, Varro and Virgil, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009, Pp.
The Varro jacobsoni got introduced from Jammu in 1989.
Vedius, nominato anche a 2, 142 e considerato dai lessici di uso esclusivamente marzianeo, potrebbe derivare dal testo di Varro ling.