calculus of variations

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the calculus of maxima and minima of definite integrals

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Appendices include organic semiconductors, Nobel laureates, physical constants, variational calculus, suggestions for further reading.
Part one of the text provides the mathematical foundations beginning with an overview of real analysis and linear algebra, measure theory, probability, stochastic processes, functional analysis and fixed-point equations and variational calculus insofar as these subjects touch upon the development of needed algorithms.
He introduces basic concepts of systems, signals, and their interaction in a mathematical form; linear operators and matrices from a systems perspective; ordinary differential and difference equations; complex variables for transform methods; integral transform methods and their properties; digital systems, Z-transforms, and applications; the internal structure of the system and the input-output system performance; the principles of variational calculus and the synthesis of optimal control systems; and stochastic processes and their linear systems response.
Touching on crystallography, bifurcation theory, Landau theory, and variational calculus, the main focus is on thermoelastic constitutive equations for crystalline solids in small, but finite deformations.
Most articles relate to Reshetnyak's own interests, which include geometry in the large sense, quasiconformal analysis, Sobolev space, potential theory and variational calculus.
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