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a volcanic island republic in Melanesia

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In Tonga, Datec has opened an Oracle-certified IT training center, and in Vanuatu, the company is running the IT system of Westpac, as well as other projects for National Provident Fund, the Vanuatuan Government, and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia.
Consequently France has not been the sole nation subjected to Vanuatuan anti-colonialist declarations, either during or since the 1980s.
The association between kava consumption and spirit possession is described not only for old Fiji (Deihl 1932, Hocart 1952:12, Kaplan 1995:106-107), but also for elsewhere in Oceania, such as in a famous Vanuatuan 'cargo cult' (Lindstrom 1990:88; see also Brunton 1989).
Settlers, generally unable to contract Fijian labor, preferred to hire Solomon Islander s or Vanuatuans, or, 'if this proved too expensive, they were careful to employ Fijians remote from their estates so that the labour force would be free from the influence (and lack the protection) of their relatives' (France 1969:39; see also Derrick 1946:168-176).