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United States physicist (1901-1967)

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Providers are looking at measurable outcomes and short-term wins," Van De Graaff says.
To determine to what extent thoracic movement plays a role in upper airway resistance, van de Graaff severed all of the cervical muscles (e.
At a ninth location, on the adjacent broad crest, piezometers had already been installed to a number of depths in 1985, the deepest going to 19 m (see Brouwer and Van de Graaff 1988).
Dave Van De Graaff is regional timberlands manager, Boise Cascade, Emmett, ID.
In addition to student inventor presentations and enterprises, the event will offer hands-on, educational activity tables and workshops including physics demos from the UT Physics Club, Robots and LEDs from CozmicFunk Studio, rocket demos, a Van de Graaff generator from Austin Energy, unique electronics instruments from Delptronics, and other science, technology and sustainable energy displays.
Building section 10 Van de Graaff laboratory (NF 278 m2) is being refurbished and sealed.
We are first introduced to the musical's leading lady, beautiful bride Janet Van De Graaff, portrayed by the vibrant Chelsea Young.
The Science Factory will bring its Van de Graaff static electricity generator to demonstrate electricity and magnetism, and will help children perform simple experiments.
recently negotiated two office leases totaling 40,000 square feet of space at Landmark One, 1 Van de Graaff Drive, in Burlington, Mass.
A prototype consisting of six trapezoidal veto detectors arranged around a plastic scintillator has been tested with an electron beam produced by a Van de Graaff accelerator.
Six years old Katie Corfield from Bromsgrove has a hair-raising time at the Thinktank as she connected up to a Van de Graaff generator.
Emilie van de Graaff of Worcestershire County Council said: "There are some compelling reasons for employers to explore flexible working.
It is in this pallid zone that cyclic salts have accumulated over thousands of years, now forming a salt store of the order of 500 tonnes per ha (Brouwer and Van de Graaff 1988).
The project featured a homemade Van de Graaff generator (named after American physicist Robert J.
Demonstrate a Van de Graaff generator for the class.