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United States literary critic and historian (1886-1963)


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For further discussion of nativism after World War I, see Eliot Asinof, 1919: America's Loss of Innocence (New York, 1989); CaseyNelson Blake, Beloved Community: The Cultural Criticism of Randolph Bourne, Van Wyck Brooks, Waldo Frank, and Lewis Mumford (Chapel Hill, 1990); John Higham, Send These to Me: Immigrants in Urban America (Baltimore, 1984), esp.
While vacationing in Carmel in 1922, he met Van Wyck Brooks, who became a lifelong friend.
Lawrence and Van Wyck Brooks, I have to agree with Sullivan's proclamation that up to his time (1923) literary criticism of Moby Dick "is fit only to deal with unessentials.
Much later the critic Van Wyck Brooks wrote that Bancroft "abounded in humbug.
Lawrence to Van Wyck Brooks to Larsen's own good friend, Carl Van Vechten.
The players in Berman's pageant of despair are many: Royce, Dewey, Russell, Wittgenstein, Santayana, Whitehead, Niebuhr, and Berlin among the philosophers; Van Wyck Brooks, Mencken, Gilbert Seldes, and Edmund Wilson among the literary critics and social commentators.
Soon after graduating he secured a letter of introduction to the renowned critic Van Wyck Brooks, who assured the youthful Arvin that he was a "critic by nature.
Her "useable past" is not the carefully weighed scholarship that can help prevent future error that Van Wyck Brooks coined the term for.