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United States writer and literary critic (1885-1950)

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The Van Doren Invitational returns to Vancouver for the second time this year.
Van Doren sought unsuccessfully to withdraw his guilty plea to one count of money laundering as part of a conspiracy to defraud creditors of Barber, the once high-flying northwest Arkansas developer.
In a letter to Van Doren inviting him to his ordination, Merton confided: "I know the priesthood is going to be something tremendous.
Jim Van Doren and Tim Robinson) from Lenawee Now went way above and beyond for us, along with several other key people from the community.
The shameful scam was exposed by a former contestant who had been told to flunk a question to allow the more popular Van Doren to take over.
Van Doren has just 31 senior caps to his name so far, but has already won the Hockey World League -- Round 2 and 3 as well as been part of the runners- up team in the European Championship.
As seniors start losing their vision, they have to learn to do things differently," explained Van Doren.
Senior Brian Van Doren sniffed out a rare breakdown by the Tomahawks' defense just over six minutes into the game and pounced on it for the eventual winner.
We have designed it to have some sacrificial pieces on it so you should be able to fairly easily repair or replace modules," said Tom Van Doren, chief operating officer at the company.
The next day I got a call from Allen, who said he was in a Manhattan jail and wanted me to ask Mark Van Doren, a Columbia professor we both admired, to help get him out.
Charlotte Van Doren of Stribling is listing this light-filled penthouse triplex with a private elevator landing at 52 Park Avenue for $1.
Charlotte Van Doren, of Stribling & Associates, revealed: "I represent a lot of those owners.
Callous Els Clottemans, 26, watched as Els van Doren plunged to her death from 14,000 feet in 2006 The scene as she frantically tried to open her chute was chillingly filmed by a video camera on her helmet.
Els Clottemans, 26, joined 38-year-old Els Van Doren on a skydive with their mutual lover and another man in November 2006.
Clottemans allegedly watched from above as her friend Van Doren, an experienced skydiver with 2,000 jumps, struggled to escape death.