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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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This weekend, Vamos Todos has hikes planned in the Chouf and in the Metn village of Beit Shabab; for the annual Valentine's Day overnight trip, Vamos Todos is holding out hope that it might be a snowshoeing trip rather than an ordinary hike.
Congress has ordered an audit into the financing of Vamos Mexico.
In response to the crisis, VAMOS teamed up with Mexican partners to reach out to people from two states -- Guerrero and Morelos.
The Vamos Por Mas campaign highlights the superior programming and entertainment experience that sets DIRECTV Mas apart from the competition.
Vamos Theatre brings together a number of ex-Trestle Theatre members to create Nursing Lives, which is a full-mask theatre production alive with visual inventiveness.
Susan Jang, from Wauconda, Illinois, a student of Almita Vamos, won second place in the final competition.
The quartet consists of violinists Simin Ganatra and Sibbi Bernhardsson, cellist Brandon Vamos and violist Masumi Per Rostad.
Sahagun's Vamos Mexico foundation came under fire for its Guide to Parents, which was produced in collaboration with the teachers' union.
Brett Smith, aged 27, from Kinver, near Stourbridge, has formed Vamos Travel to offer custom-made packages for groups or individuals to 12 countries.
Vamos a dar la idea de que somos un restaurante arabe, pero de origen brasileno.
Born in Budapest, Vamos danced in Munich before working as a choreographer at several opera houses in Germany.
More than 5,000 children in 52 orphanages across four different Mexican states will receive the Mannatech product through MannaRelief and its partnership with Fundacion Vamos Mexico .
Simulmedia, powered by its VAMOS platform, guarantees that its TV campaigns will outperform all other concurrent media in terms of driving business outcomes, and TiVo Research will now be an independent entity confirming Simulmedia's performance.
Duke By Simon Newcastle's liveliest festival bursts into brilliant life on Thursday, as the launch party for Vamos 2015 fills the two-week extravaganza's new permanent venue with hot subtropical rhythms.