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Synonyms for validity

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being valid and rigorous

the quality of having legal force or effectiveness


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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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On the basis of this logic, the principle advocated by Anastasiades of no political interference in Cyprus on the part of either Greece or Turkey and the elimination of the tools, such as the maintenance of troops, by means of which such interference may be exercised, was a valid argument, which should be taken seriously.
Three of 10 Filipinos, or 37 percent, of those surveyed agree that the possibility an innocent person could be sentenced to death is a valid argument against the death penalty reimposition: 'The possibility that an innocent person can be sentenced to death or be meted the death penalty is a good reason not to reimpose this law (Ang posibilidad na mahatulan ang isang inosenteng tao ng parusang kamatayan o death penalty ay magandang dahilan para hindi ibalik ang batas na ito).
While there exists a valid argument for providing a specific environment for special needs children with severe learning disabilities, in the form of special needs centres, there are also a large number of children with mild learning disabilities who would benefit immensely by adapting to a mainstream school, but are unable to gain entry because mainstream schools are still wary of making the transition to a more inclusive platform.
The defense debate in Europe is one of Severe Valid Argument Failure (SVAF), one of the worst diseases that can befall any political discourse.
There is a valid argument, however, that social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used for constructive purposes and career advancement.
The claim that the current [euro]160 licence fee is below the European standard is not a valid argument for a rise.
There is however a valid argument that rural areas which are the backbone of much of Wales are suffering greatly from deprivation.
It is a valid argument to suggest on his day Gazza's raw skills, honed while playing football on Whitley Bay beach with his dad John, was at one stage just as good as Maradona or Messi.
In an interview shortly after her departure from office in 1991, Margaret Thatcher said that Powell had "made a valid argument, if in sometimes regrettable terms.
NA, Feb), in which the author brings up a valid argument about the new middle class.
Now we have a valid argument, recognized as such not only by our intuitions but also by the traditional theory of immediate inference (3).
I believe there is a valid argument that, in many cases, Africa's educational system does not suit local requirements.
The writers call themselves "pro-European," but affirm their belief in the "merit of informed debate regardless of the origin of a valid argument.
Okay, so there's the vaguely valid argument of people being paid what their contractually due.
All suggestions which could generate a valid argument.