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the performance of a legal contract as specified by its terms

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In the circumstances, the Keays could have protected themselves by either having one single document detailing the whole of their deal with Morris Homes or by, alternatively, having an entirely separate contract to deal with building works The important lesson to be drawn from this case is that you should be aware that what appears to be an appropriately signed document, purporting to be a contract for the sale of land, will not create a valid contract unless it contains all of the expressly agreed terms.
He urged all expat workers to ensure they had a valid contract before arriving in Bahrain.
The law will forbid exporting plant genetic resources outside the UAE without a valid contract.
Blackbaud will not be extending clients past March 2014 and unless a nonprofit has a valid contract, it won't be able to access the system after that date.
This respects the lease as a valid contract, allowing for capital treatment.
A franchise agreement would be enforceable under Indian law as it would meet the criteria of a valid contract.
Employees in managerial posts or low-income workers must sign a valid contract and keep a copy with them," said Kumar.
there was a recognized legal reason (a valid contract, a gift, and so on as above), or
The issue in this case is not whether Wisconsin Mutual was estopped from denying the existence of a valid contract.
The judge said Mr Rowe had not denied that a valid contract existed between him and the company but pleaded that an order for specific performance would be in vain and that it would cause him exceptional hardship.
To form a valid contract, the transaction should contain some essential elements.
It is a valid contract that meets all the conditions for marriage?
31, 2006, or can show a valid contract from an employer.
The bond protects the state from having to pay out the amount twice if someone shows up later with a valid contract and the original certificates.
Given that he was required to provide a valid contract with a landlord for his office in order to have it registered, he set up an office and began to use it for work.