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a member of the mercantile and professional Hindu caste

the third of the four varnas: the commoners or yeoman farmers or mercantile and professional category

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It explains how the world is fonned "Purusa" with each class representing a part of the body described as follows: "The Brahmin was his mouth, his two anns became the rajanya (Kshatriyas), his thighs arc what the Vaisya are.
En el Hinduismo, hay una clara distincion en cuatro castas: brahman (sacerdote), ksatriya (guerrero), vaisya (comerciante, agricultor) y sudra (esclavo).
Of course he successfully manages to interpret the stanzas 41-44 of the Chapter 18, but strangely avoids the issue as dealt with in the stanzas 32-33 of the Chapter 9 where Krsna arguably refers to the inferiority of women, vaisyas and sudras debarred from performances of the Vedic sacrificial rituals--signified by the conditionals kim punah.
A boy of a vaisya family, who gained a crore from being rulers [of a village according to the Vinaya reference quoted above].
They are appropriately dressed and carry the right tools of their occupations to match the description of the intertitles which name them as 'The Brahmin Devotee', 'The Kshatriya Devotee,' 'The Vaisya Devotee' and 'The Sudra Devotee'.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 in Gujarat, in western India, to a family that belonged to the Vaisya or Bania caste that neither ate meat nor drank alcohol.
We note here that although traditional Brahminic Hinduism has four broad castes: Brahmin priests, Kshatriya warriors, Vaisya merchants, and Sudra workers and farmers, the more detailed reality is a much finer gradation of many specific castes who constitute the elements of the specific jajmani economies in specific local areas of India.
Il est inutile de repeter les preuves rassemblees par Dumezil (1968 : 70-76), comme l'association des jumeaux avec les Asvin et avec les Vaisya, leur beaute et celle de Madri, et le mode d'union matrimoniale pratique par la famille de Salya.
It sounds like a faintly ludicrous position, but the autumnal ochres of wool hat or the rich purples of vaisya do seem to add something to the words' meaning, and the very difficulty of defining what this might be is no small part of the works' lasting appeal.
In addition to many sub-varnas, four major varnas are recognized: the brahmans, who perform religious and spiritual duties, the kshatriyas, who govern and administrate, the vaisya, comprising merchants and farmers, and the sudras, who carry out menial tasks considered to be spiritually unclean (Fenton et al.
It is the color of the Vaisya, or third mercantile caste, in India.
The Line 2 (East-West) will pass through 19 elevated stations; Prajapati Nagar, Vaishno Devi Square, Ambedkar Square, Telephone Exchange, ChittarOli Square, Agrasen Square, Dosar Vaisya Square, Nagpur Railway Station, Sitaburdi, Jhansi Rani Square, and Institute of Engineers, as well as Shankar Nagar Square, LAD Square, Dharampeth College, Subhash Nagar, Rachana Ring Road Junction, Vasudev Nagar, Bansi Nagar, and Lokmanya Nagar.
Status-wise, Gandhi, who was a vaisya, was lower than the Brahmin priest.
It describes the origin of the world in the sacrificial dismemberment of Prajapati, the Lord of Being, into four human essences or varna - his mouth became the Brahman priest, his arms became the Kshatriya or the warriors, his thigh became the Vaisya (farmer and merchant) and his feet became the Sudra (slave or servant).
The interconnectedness between state and society becomes further evident when we look at organization of the governor's court (adalat), where local merchants such as Virji Vora and Hari Vaisya occupied a prominent place.