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the capital and largest city of Liechtenstein

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Although they represent one of Europe's smallest nations, Vaduz are by no means minnows themselves and are competing in the Swiss top flight for a second successive season.
Fly to Zurich or Vienna and then take a train to Buchs SG or Sargans in Switzerland and on to the buses that ply regularly to Vaduz and other Liechtenstein towns.
I haven't enjoyed much luck against Scottish sides but Vaduz did beat Falkirk in the Europa League last summer.
But if we don't win in Vaduz on Saturday night we can forget about going anywhere near Switzerland and Austria next year.
Town bowed out of the UEFA Cup to FC Vaduz on Thursday night and the full extent of the defeat makes for painful reading.
Officers want to quiz the men after fans ran amok during street battles in the Swiss city Zurich and in Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz the following day.
When a company signs up, the mayor of Liechtenstein's capital, Vaduz, hands over the keys to the principality and flies the company's flag.
Several fans were arrested but released without charge after violence broke out in Zurich and Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz.
Scuffles broke out on Saturday in Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz and in Zurich, Switzerland, where police used rubber bullets on England fans on two occasions.
Due to the benign government of the princes, who live in the Schloss that hovers over the capital Vaduz, its 30 000 inhabitants pay few taxes, and enjoy an income higher than almost any other people in Europe -- they approach the Swiss in affluence.
Ministers of EFTA countries signed an updated and modernised EFTA Convention on 21 June 2001 during their Ministerial meeting in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
The ratings of Infrassure Vaduz reflect the significant support provided by Infrassure in the form of a 90% quota share reinsurance agreement.
The exhibition "Gladiators and the Colosseum - Heroes and Architecture in the Service of the Powerful" opened at Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz with spectacular displays of gladiatorial combat.
com Tel: + 423-231-19-41 Headquarters: Herrengasse 21, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein