vice president

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an executive officer ranking immediately below a president

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CocoaHost's comparatively cheap VPS hosting fees usually start at $5.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a new style of high-performance shared server developed by Verio.
State governments are likely, therefore, to follow the lead of federal lawmakers in favoring VPS, or some similar mechanism, because it adds to the states' armamentarium of techniques to limit Medicaid expenditure increases.
Last week, ServInt introduced the flagship product in its VPS line, SuperVPS, a fully redundant, enterprise-class hosting service.
Linux VPS delivers the critical features required to effectively create a Linux-based custom application, including root access for full control of the development environment, fairshare technology for performance and access to the latest software.
VPS customers and end-users span a variety of industries and use the VPS for a diverse range of purposes, such as to host a Web site or intranet, to run a CRM application or to host a custom development environment.
Verio also provides resellers free live support and Webinar training, giving them the opportunity to get a basic overview of the VPS v3, as well as learn about the solution's new features and technical specifications.
com is offering one month of service free to all new VPS customers throughout the month of October.
Unlike other attack-oriented security products from other vendors, Determina VPS is the only system that provides customers with true "vulnerability protection" that directly fixes the vulnerability in the code itself.
VPS control panel - an intuitive web interface that eases VPS set up and administration for less-technical users
The new VPS v2 Basic plan delivers all the robust features of the VPS technology at a lower entry cost that meets the needs of an additional segment of the reseller market, and provides all resellers another revenue-generating option," said Jim Ciampaglio, director of SMB reseller sales for the viaVerio program.
He is using the ART VPS PURE card to create 3D photorealistic images for leading automotive companies and other high-profile accounts such as Nike.
Enhanced Virtual Configurations -- New and more intuitive pre-configured VPS configurations designed for more process intensive environments.