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Synonyms for nucleus

Synonyms for nucleus

a source of further growth and development

Synonyms for nucleus

the positively charged dense center of an atom

a small group of indispensable persons or things

Related Words

(astronomy) the center of the head of a comet

any histologically identifiable mass of neural cell bodies in the brain or spinal cord

the central structure of the lens that is surrounded by the cortex

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Approval to analyze the effectiveness of the VPM as a learning tool was obtained through the university's institutional review board.
Taking the latter approach even further, Lotus is experimenting with an alternative VPM technique employing polyester resin with heat-activated catalyst in a film form that is laid in the mold on top of a conventional glass preform.
The research contains a full description of the adjoining markets, definition of the main quantitative characteristics of the Market, distribution structure of the Market, in particular pricing, detailed competition analysis of the main Russian producers of VPM, renewal of the first-rate importers and exporters analysis based on Customs Base 2006, definition of the customers' preferences in choosing VPM.
VPM globally has a number of exclusive licenses for promising vaccines, with a group of other projects in the pipeline.
VPM becomes the latest addition to SunGard's family of alternative investment offerings, comprised of leading technology solutions for decision support, risk management, trading, securities lending, and accounting.
The new release enhances versioning and embeds advanced effectivity and configuration management in VPM Navigator, dramatically improving designer productivity.
A VaST VPM is configurable and provides an unprecedented ability to observe the behavior of executing software and selected processor internal registers.
A VaST VPM is cycle-, register- and timing-accurate, and configurable, providing an unprecedented ability to observe the behavior of executing software and selected processor internal registers.
Empowers Value Chain Innovation - V5R16 delivers powerful new collaboration capabilities within ENOVIA V5 VPM Navigator and SMARTEAM TeamPDM, enabling extended networks of partners to work together in globally distributed 3D environments.
the leading provider of OpenPLM(TM) solutions for the extended enterprise, announced today that it has extended the reach of its 3D Collaborative Dashboard by adding connectivity to Dassault Systemes' ENOVIA VPM V4.
With the transformer, VaST customers can generate a new VPM in the same microprocessor family by adding, removing or replacing instructions in the VaST seed VPM instruction set.
Increased PLM ROI for Companies of All Sizes - To facilitate rapid deployment in companies of all sizes, V5R15 strengthens entry-level solutions based on CATIA -SMARTEAM and extends the VPM Navigator, which provides a unified environment for 3D authoring and virtual product management.