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The VISAR system has proved so useful because it is able to correct the effects of jitter, rotation and zoom from frame to frame in video.
The NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Intergraph, Barco and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have developed VISAR, a new technology that can dramatically improve images including crime scene videos.
VISAR technology gained national attention in 1996 when the FBI used it to analyze video of the bombings at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.
Meridian intends to utilize the VISAR technology in various Internet applications to enhance clarity and registration of electronically transmitted photographs and graphics, and the biofeedback technology initially to complement its proprietary technology for use in Internet-based biofeedback, self-regulation training, neuromuscular reeducation, and telemedicine.
Following an agreement with NASA last year, Video Analyst includes the VISAR technology, which significantly improves video images by taking the most stable frames from all available video sources and electronically combining them - eliminating noise, jitter and other inconsistent features.