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The VISAR system has proved so useful because it is able to correct the effects of jitter, rotation and zoom from frame to frame in video.
By adding VISAR to our Video Analyst Workstation, we can now offer the law enforcement, military, intelligence and security communities these powerful capabilities in a comprehensive video analysis system," said Trey McKay, executive manager of Federal Hardware Solutions at Intergraph Government Solutions.
While VISAR solves many problems with shaky, jittery video, these dual Athlon processors really boost the performance and throughput of the Video Analyst workstation.
Following an agreement with NASA last year, Video Analyst includes the VISAR technology, which significantly improves video images by taking the most stable frames from all available video sources and electronically combining them - eliminating noise, jitter and other inconsistent features.
NASA has previously used this same VISAR technology to support more than 20 FBI investigations, including the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, Ga.