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an important or influential (and often overbearing) person

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Total quantity or scope: LOT 1: Features associated surface: fixed seats stands, chairs the officials / media / VIP seats with storage type events overlap gate handball nets, basketball contest consoles, mobile and foldable transport system console basketball System net tennis, volleyball net system, Mobile System badminton, handball competition Carpet, multisport competition floor, floor protection and use events, media tables, equipment aditional.
ORGANISERS of the Lichfield Proms in Beacon Park are offering concertgoers VIP seats at the outdoor musical event.
For those who have ever dreamed of "driving" their own train, the GoldenPass Panoramic train offers eight VIP seats right at the front, giving the uninterrupted views normally reserved for the driver.
Fitted out in the highest quality Italian leather and high-gloss finished walnut wood veneer, the plane has 14 VIP seats that can convert to fully flat beds.
Dinner at the Marble Palace, a private viewing at the Hermitage, VIP seats at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Palace Square and a club night involving ballet dancers, a classical orchestra and numerous, er, body builders and barely clothed ladies gave me a taster of what the nouveau riche, or is that the oligarchy, get up to out there.
After the general condemnation of ticket allocations, to see free-loaders in the seats of genuine fans rankles - especially when there are VIP seats for the likes of Mr Cameron.
The new stadium is organised around a four part diagram of use--to the west are the best and VIP seats in one enclosed area; to the east are good seats; to the south are the seats for the local fans (the tifosi) and to the north (with maximum separation) the visiting tifosi.
But in those VIP seats drink flows freely and people are up and down, out of their seats and in front of the stage.
Openly closeted lesbian celebrities in the VIP seats.
Sundell, together with his two referee's assistants, was seen at last Sunday's Spanish League game between Betis and Espanol - in VIP seats.
Partnering with Coca-Cola([R]) and the NCAA([R]), the promotion offers a great rate and the opportunity to win hotel accommodations for two, including airfare and VIP seats for the 2008 NCAA[R] Men's Final Four([R]) in San Antonio, Texas.
Fans have to dole out a handful if they want to get the premium seats in the house, with the VIP seats going as high as P14,000 in the final round.
The complex has two swimming pools with seating for 639 spectators, besides VIP seats, special swimming pool equipment, and a three-floor administrative building.
Promoters say $1,800 VIP seats for Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona's "The Life and Times" show in Sydney on May 29 have sold out within hours of going on sale.
Tickets to the international competition are BD15 for VIP seats and BD10 for regular.