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More information about the CM-300/350 V2 UHF and VHF air traffic control radios can be found at www.
Two using fixed-mount VHF mated to an 8-foot antenna, mounted on a T-top (effectively 16 feet above sea level) should get about 12 miles.
A new addition to Raymarine's extensive VHF radio range, the 260 VHF has a modular design with a remote Class D DSC black-box' transceiver, remote speaker receiver and full-function handset.
The V511 positions our VHF portfolio to address the fullest range of vehicular and dismounted combat net radio requirements.
An alternative a posteriori approach to evaluate stratification is to use VHF telemetry locations and home range to interpret survey results.
When Ethernet is available at future VHF sites the DeviceMaster-RTS 2 port 1E will be used to provide serial to Ethernet connectivity.
A couple in a car parked in Whitburn, were found with a VHF radio by police.
Routinely, boats wanting to access or leave the bay through the barrage use the designated VHF channel 18.
The hospital concerned belongs to a VHF surveillance network serving to increase awareness and preparedness within Kenyan health-care facilities.
Today, discrete radios carry voice, digital data and video at high, very high and ultra-high frequencies (HF, VHF, and UHF)--using encrypted and jam-resistant waveforms.
A debate is now raging over the preferred means of communication if a boater were forced to carry just one device - a VHF radio or a cellular telephone.
Even with the current proliferation of cable, it remains an advantage to own a VHF TV station rather than a UHF TV station.
Full-Function Wireless Remotes for Compatible Garmin VHF Radios
with installation into vehicle) ,VHF Hand held sets with charger / adaptor ,Power Supply for VHF ,RF Co-axial cable for VHF antenna 30 Mtrs with BNC ,GP Antenna ,Whip antenna with 03 Mtrs Cable and BNC connector (05 Nos for Motorola GM- 950) ,Computer (genuine version windows licensed i5 4th Generation) ,Printer ,UPS
I planned ahead by equipping my boat with the required Coast Guard safety equipment as well as a DSC (Digital Selective Calling) VHF radio and an EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon).