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Synonyms for VAT

Synonyms for VAT

a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids


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Once registered make sure you charge VAT at the standard rate of 20% on your sales and that you can reclaim any VAT incurred on goods and services you buy for use in your business.
Many TEI members work for large multinational businesses that operate in corporate groups with numerous VAT registration numbers in multiple countries.
VAT is certainly more of a signifi-cant revenue earner for the UK Government in comparison to oil revenues that Scotland contributes.
In December 2013, a total of 6918 companies received VAT worth BGN 542 million, up by BGN 300 million compared to the VAT refunded in December 2012, which stood at slightly over BGN 239 million.
The Ministry of Finance estimates that following the hikes in the VAT standard rate and the increase in the reduced rate from 8% to 9%, VAT revenues will increase by just 0.
Introduced in 1973, VAT is a 20% tax that's charged on most goods and services that VAT-registered businesses provide in the UK.
We are excited to join hands with such a prominent travel and expense industry leader like Concur," said Sam Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Universal VAT Services.
In cases where the seller retained an interest and granted a subordinate interest to the buyer such as a lease or a sub-lease, HMRC's previous policy was that this did not qualify as a TOGC and, in cases where an option to tax had been exercised by the seller, VAT was due on the transfer at the standard rate.
HM Revenue & Customs is reminding the 1,313 VAT-registered businesses in Huddersfield who still file paper VAT returns that all VAT returns must be submitted online from this spring - meaning paper returns will soon be a thing of the past.
France and Austria have this month indicated that they will rise their VAT rates in 2012 following this month's credit rating downgrades
How many businesses are paying the VAT and how many are still boycotting it remains unknown.
Whether companies want to receive a VAT refund, help their own customers receive a VAT refund, or want to offer VAT services to their customer base, OT ReVAT is available in three versions to meet those needs:
The larger Leon, Altea and Alhambra models also enjoy either a full or half VAT discount.
PRACTICE OWNERS and managers are being urged by the Government to get ready for the rise in VAT early next year.