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a tube in which a body fluid circulates

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In 1961, marine historians recovered the Vasa and it sits in a museum in Sweden.
2 -- color) Musicians play at Vasa Park in Agoura on Sunday during a Swedish festival to usher in summertime.
This is a beautiful program,'' said Peg Carlson, secretary of the Vasa Scandinavian Group in Thousand Oaks.
announced today that it will manufacture the Vasa 46, the newest and largest of Wartsila Diesel's engines, for the North American shipbuilding and power generation market.
The NEL VASA (Versatile and Advanced Signal Processing Architecture) chip, the world's first single-chip MPEG-2 HDTV CODEC, integrates Denali's Databahn memory controller core, which enables the chip to interface with external DDR-SDRAM memory running at clock rates up to 200MHz (400MHz data transfers).
To mitigate this risk, decisions must be based not on gut instinct, but on more precise information," said Sima Vasa, president of NPDTechworld.