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a computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls


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V-Mail products and services are unmatched in the industry.
Click here for 15-second V-mail demonstration from Video Guidance's Mike Werch http://proclaim.
For unknown reasons, some of his letters home were delivered on V-mail stationery rather than as photo prints.
a leading application service provider offering proprietary streaming media applications, today announced the launch of On2's V-Mail application for broadband users.
The veteran is Bob Brophy, who wrote the letter "Veterans and Home Front Heroes" in V-Mail in our June 2013 issue].
Emerging voice input applications such as v-mail clips and telephony services will require a home remote control capable of audio capture and transmission.
I WAS DEEPLY TOUCHED by Bob Brophy's letter ["Veterans and Home Front Heroes," V-Mail, June 2013].
No one wants to wait for v-mail downloads; they just want to view the video.
V-Bytes -- video and audio highlights from games Vitale is covering, and from his SportsCenter appearances; - Columns -- weekly columns on topical subjects; - V-Mail -- a forum in which Vitale answers selected fan e-mail; - Chatter Box -- weekly chats throughout the college basketball season; - The List -- posting of Vitale's creative lists, i.
Mail them to V-Mail, America in WWII, PO Box 4175, Harrisburg, PA 17111-0175, or e-mail them to editor@americainwwii.
Xethos intends to leverage the special effects software in conjunction with the V-Mail products developed by its subsidiary company, Snowstorm Development Limited, specialists in advanced email, voicemail and video conferencing software.
On-line readers will be able to take advantage of v-mail to check their email while catching up on the latest fashion news and information on the Vogue Web site.
All of this added adventure to my delivery of V-mail to GIs' families.
Snowstorm's principal products currently include V-Mail, which enables users to send voice and video mail messages quickly and easily via the Internet, and GameTalk, whose voice capability exploits the burgeoning Internet games market by enabling players to talk to one another inter-actively while competing on-line.
Norris of Wilmington, North Carolina, has written articles on US currency and V-Mail for America in WWII.