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a computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls


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Unique to Opaque is the ability to protect users' identity online even if v-mails are shared or stolen by screening all incoming e-mail against a user's approved senders and privacy settings.
The On2 V-Mail application, developed by Clipscom, is being introduced for the broadband market, and is the first interactive video messaging application designed for high-bandwidth users.
The addition of the powerful visualization capability contained within the special effects software now enables Xethos to identify even more accurately specific groups of users within the V-Mail database who share common profiles.
On-line readers will be able to take advantage of v-mail to check their email while catching up on the latest fashion news and information on the Vogue Web site.
com will provide V-Mail with a one-stop wireless messaging solution through Unimobile's global message delivery network, offering end-users a new way of communicating with their family and friends, as well as managing their daily lives through mobile content, alerts and reminders.
Snowstorm's principal products currently include V-Mail, which enables users to send voice and video mail messages quickly and easily via the Internet, and GameTalk, whose voice capability exploits the burgeoning Internet games market by enabling players to talk to one another inter-actively while competing on-line.
Focus Multimedia distributes their library of 160 Interactive titles to software retailers and distributors in over thirty countries worldwide, which is a great vehicle to promote V-Mail to a global audience in the shortest time possible.
Victoria's Secret's V-Mail Exclusives marketing program, supported by Post Communications, promotes product launches, special offers and site enhancements such as the Bra Salon while increasing customer loyalty.
V-Mail also includes video conferencing with up to four remote users along with multiple messaging and mailboxes.
Using the integrated video camera, it is also possible to send video mail or V-mail.
With the launch of its first PC video camera, the PCA645VC, Philips added a new dimension to personal communications with the introduction of video-mail or V-mail.
Ping-Ads technology works by allowing V-Mail to display banner advertisements both online and offline.
Videogram' or V-mail is based on one of Philips' latest digital PC cameras.