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the day of a victory


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Selena might have been waiting for Bieber to surprise her during V-day but days have already gone and there are no signs of having received any gift from the 19-year-old singer.
V-Day promotes creative events to increase awareness and raise money.
For a special dinner offer on V-Day evening head to The Beach Restaurant for Chef Sebastian Cassagnol's special six-course menu or lounge by The Long Pool Cabana with a tasting list of Asian-style favourites and beverage.
Also on V-Day, readers are encouraged to post their thoughts and ideas about these related issues on the Metaphysical Erotica Facebook page.
The flower sellers who have started illuminating their shops with colourful seasonal flowers especially fragrant red roses and bouquets are fearing that rain may impact their sales on V-day.
The Vagina Monologues donates a percentage of revenue from ticket sales to V-Day benefiting women's charities across the world.
Students and staff at the University of Illinois Springfield dance to the song "Break the Chain" to commemorate the 15th annual V-Day, a campaign that raises awareness each Feb.
Nowadays, Valentine is just too commercialised and being used to make better sales or profits with V-Day special discounts," he added.
The One Billion Rising campaign, sponsored by the V-day Organisation, sought to mobilise men and women around the world on Valentine's Day - observed annually in various countries on February 14 - to raise their voices to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery.
In an ambience stripped of romance, you can dine your blues away on I Hate V-Day Night, far from Cupid's piercing arrows.
The campaign, which is known as V-Day has been running for 15 years.
Hall mark sifts through 100,000 customer interview to create 2,000 new V-Day cards annually.
Kearton Avenue, in Chapel Park, was the only licensed V-Day street party in Newcastle, with four generations marking the day.
If bling's your thing, then this pretty Swarovski pendant should be top of your V-day wish list.