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the day of a victory


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Light your scented candles, turn up that jazz music and mix your own beauty oils on V-day for that unique special me-time.
We asked a mom we know who works with V-Day to teach us the anti-violence dance people were doing for V-Day.
So if you're missing V-Day this year, these cushions might be a cool way to make up.
Last year over 5,800 V-Day benefits were held around the world raising funds and awareness towards ending violence against women.
For his part, the Egyptian leader said he was glad to attend China's V-Day celebrations on behalf of the Egyptian people, according to the report.
It is a funny, moving, poignant production, produced courtesy of V-Day 2014.
A percentage of sales from the Metaphysical Erotica title “Two for Triton” will be donated to the V-Day campaign, which works internationally to end domestic and sexual violence against women, girls and families.
This year V-Day falls on a Friday and Olivos restaurant's extravagant buffet is priced at RO24 net per person with unlimited beverages.
Started in 2012 as part of the V-Day Movement, the "billion" refers to the UN statistic that one in three women would be raped or beaten in their lifetime, or about one billion.
The event will take place together with V-Day in the hope of uniting all voices in the fight to stop violence against women.
During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', when the sultry actress was asked about her plans for Valentine's Day, she said that she's not a big V-day person and will probably end up ordering in and watching Gosling starrer 'The Notebook', ABC News reported.
Which sounds like a perfect antidote to all that V-Day nonsense
The flower sellers who have started illuminating their shops with colourful seasonal flowers especially fragrant red roses and bouquets are fearing that rain may impact their sales on V-day.
Students and staff at the University of Illinois Springfield dance to the song "Break the Chain" to commemorate the 15th annual V-Day, a campaign that raises awareness each Feb.
Nowadays, Valentine is just too commercialised and being used to make better sales or profits with V-Day special discounts," he added.