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a type of submachine gun that is designed and manufactured in Israel

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The Cork-based officer added: "Members of the Special Detective Unit who carry out armed patrols in the Dublin Metropolitan Region after 2am have ballistic shields and Uzis available to them but the rest of the country do not.
Referring to the girl's parents, Hills said: ''I just don't see any reason in the world why you would allow a 9-year-old to put her hands on an Uzi.
In any stand-off, the Uzi has the capacity of two or three men.
He jailed him for seven years for the Uzi and ammunition and an extra three and a half years for the heroin.
For ease and economy of production, Gal designed the Uzi to use a maximum amount of stampings and heat-resistant plastics.
The unit's CEO, Uzi Rosen, is expected to leave later this year.
TWO men who terrorised a couple with a fake Uzi machine gun and a 12-inch knife have been jailed for a total of 12 years.
AN Uzi sub-machine gun and live ammunition have been found during a police operation in the West Midlands.
A BOY of eight has died after shooting himself in the head with an Uzi submachine gun.
Jason McGrail, 18, was arrested in a taxi carrying a binbag with a lethal load - including an Uzi submachine gun, a silencer and dozens of cartridges.
Uzi Rosen, president and CEO, Bank Leumi USA, spoke on the topic of real estate financing in Israel.
Rosenkrantz shot then-classmate Steven Redman 10 times with an Uzi assault rifle on June 18, 1985, after Redman told classmates Rosenkrantz was gay.
Noted Israeli alumni include President of the Supreme Court, Aharon Barak, Nobel Prize recipient Aaron Ciechanover, Former Minister Professor Uzi Landau, General Uzi Arad, author A.