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a member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas

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the Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek

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accompanied the representative of Uzbak Khan to deliver Uzbak's niece as a bride for al-Nasir Muhammad, cementing the Mamluk-Golden Horde alliance.
Despite subsequent prohibitions against the slave trade by Christian authorities (such as Clement V at the Council of Vienna in 1312), the Genoese returned to Caffa in 1313 with the permission of Uzbak Khan (Barker 162).
In the early 1320s, the Golden Horde and Persian Ilkhanate were at war, but Mamluk relations with Persia had considerably improved (a peace treaty was signed in 1323), and al-Nasir refused to aid Uzbak Khan in the conflict.
Given the periodic references to Genoa and Genoese merchants, Muslim sultans in Egypt, and Uzbak Khan of the Golden Horde (which Boccaccio identifies as Turkish) across the Decameron, there is no doubt he would have been aware of the broader political and commercial contexts outlined above.
Perhaps, likewise, Boccaccio heard reports about Segurano's death, which took place four or five years earlier, on the order of Uzbak Khan of the Golden Horde, the same "Osbech [.
Barker notes that in Mamluk Egypt "free people who wanted to wield political power had to become slaves first" and cites the "classic example" of Qawsun, "an amir who came to Egypt from the Golden Horde as a merchant in the retinue accompanying the daughter of Uzbak Khan" (the same retinue that included Segurano Salvaygo; 95).
Internal differences in the Jombesh movement saw the two main Uzbak leaders, Abdul Malik and Rashid Dostum, both flee the country with their divided and outgunned forces unable to keep the Taliban from overrunning the north of the country, taking the Uzbek heartland.
The trait, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) deficiency in Afghan refugees and a local community in the North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan, is most common among Pathan and Uzbak refugees.