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a radioactive transuranic element

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197 Seetottu on toenaolisem, et soov oma uut voimupositsiooni kabeli akna kinkimise kaudu valjendada ja polistada haakub pigem 1525.
The Murung, with whom they are often conflated (as I will discuss below), live to their east, the Uut Danum to their north and west, and the Kapuas/Kahayan to their south.
Ent viikingiaja lopul ilmusid poletuskalmistutesse voi nende vahetusse lahedusse taas laibamatused, mida voib vaadelda kui uut tuupi individuaalsuse avaldumist parast pikka kollektiivmatuste perioodi.
Before looking at designs and processes, the UUT should be carefully examined, and not just the PCB or final assembly itself.
UUT has a history of stability, and management expects it to remain roughly flat.
Intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy was initiated by inserting a double-J stent into the right UUT.
The year 1921 witnessed the publication of several booklets that promoted and guided name changes: "Nimede valik ja soetamine" (Choice and adoption of names) by Lauri Kettunen, the article collection "Eestlasele eesti nimi" (An Estonian name for an Estonian), and a selected list of names "15 000 uut sugunime" (15,000 new family names).
Meinanderi poolt enam kui poole sajandi eest Laanemere idarannikul eristatud ja pronksiajaga dateeritud Sarsa-Tomitsa tuupi keraamika vajab mitmes osas uut maaratlust.
uUt recognizes Inphi as one of the leading companies providing high speed TIAs," said Andreas Umbach, CEO and co-founder at uUt Photonics AG.
Because no differences were found in recurrence rates in several reports that compared patients who underwent partial ureterectomy and RNU for TCC of the UUT,[sup.
clouded leopards" (Sather 2012:120) or the apical ancestors of the Uut Danum who "take the specific form of tiger-spirits" (Couderc 2012:180)?
Inserting the ScanDIMM into the DIMM socket of a UUT results in placing a fully bi-directional boundary-scan cell behind each pin of the DIMM connector, increasing the test coverage to include not only data and address signal pins, but also clock, control, and all power and ground pins.