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a radioactive transuranic element

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Mr Wilson added: "The UUP walking out of the Executive has no impact on the continuance of devolution and has even less impact on Sinn Fein.
He is one of the few people who has experience of running a department," the UUP leader said.
The meeting was attended by Lagan Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson, East Antrim Assemblyman Roy Beggs jnr and dissident UUP Assemblyman Peter Weir.
Deputy leader Nigel Dodds said: "The UUP record of government is one of crisis and collapse.
The Ards councillor and secretary of the National Association of Councillors in Northern Ireland, attended yesterday's UUP annual meeting in Belfast 12 months after he and three other party rebels publicly voiced their opposition to the New Force merger.
And losing the support of the Orange Order will leave the UUP feeling even more isolated.
Reports had suggested the UUP Assembly team was considering several approaches to the decommissioning and devolution deadlock blocking the formation of a multi-party executive in Northern Ireland.
But UUP security spokesman Ken Maginnis insisted there would be no change in policy without the backing of the 110-member party executive.
MIKE Nesbitt's UUP are to walk out of the Assembly over the alleged involvement of IRA men in Kevin McGuigan's murder, he said yesterday.
DEPUTY First Minister Martin McGuinness told Sinn Fein's Ard Fheis yesterday that the UUP have "three days to sort themselves out" over the issue of policing and justice.
A SENIOR UUP aide who caused a storm when he wed his gay lover last month says he's been inundated with requests to sell the story
UUP leader Mr David Trimble decided to participate in the review, which has made little progress since former Senator George Mitchell started to meet the parties individually two weeks ago.
Mr Simpson's speech was directed at "unionist rivals", but UUP leader Mike Nesbitt called on Tuesday for Mr Simpson "to withdraw his insinuations that members of the Ulster Unionist Party directed verbal abuse against his children during the General Election campaign".
UUP leader David Trimble could soon quit local politics for an EU job, senior party sources claimed yesterday.
The action by Lee Reynolds is one of two tribunal cases being brought against the UUP.