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a radioactive transuranic element

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Sinn Fein, which rejects the claim the PIRA still exists, has accused the UUP of contriving a crisis in a bid to outflank the DUP ahead of next year's Assembly poll.
The UUP has lost four House of Commons seats since the 1997 General Election while their rivals in the Rev Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionists have gained three.
Mr Wilson added: "The UUP walking out of the Executive has no impact on the continuance of devolution and has even less impact on Sinn Fein.
Ulster Unionist MP William Ross said before a meeting of opponents of the Good Friday accord within the UUP that they were relying on him to stick to the party manifesto promise of "no guns, no government.
He also announced that the UUP will hold a special meeting to discuss the report by Chris Patten's Commission on Policing after it is published.
Deputy leader Nigel Dodds said: "The UUP record of government is one of crisis and collapse.
DEPUTY First Minister Martin McGuinness told Sinn Fein's Ard Fheis yesterday that the UUP have "three days to sort themselves out" over the issue of policing and justice.
UUP deputy leader Danny Kennedy and chief negotiator Alan McFarland were regarded as the most likely contenders for a place at the Cabinet table.
THE election of a new UUP leader is not important because politics has moved on, the DUP's Peter Robinson said yesterday.
Free Presbyterian minister William McCrea overturned a 16,500 UUP majority to beat David Burnside by 822 votes and win what had been Trimble's party's second safest seat.
Since the signing of the Good Friday agreement, the UUP has insisted it would not form an executive featuring Sinn Fein without any IRA disarmament.
MIKE Nesbitt's UUP are to walk out of the Assembly over the alleged involvement of IRA men in Kevin McGuigan's murder, he said yesterday.
A SENIOR UUP aide who caused a storm when he wed his gay lover last month says he's been inundated with requests to sell the story
UUP leader David Trimble could soon quit local politics for an EU job, senior party sources claimed yesterday.