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ideally perfect state

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a work of fiction describing a utopia

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an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal

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By using UTOPY SpeechMiner to discover the root cause of repeat calls and then UTOPY Intelligent Coaching to coach Agents to improve the processes and behaviors that led to call-backs, Ceridian was able to increase the percentage of its customers saying they were unlikely to call back by 18 percent across its entire Customer Care organization.
Utopy, for example, uses this two-dimensional approach to emotion detection to not only pick up variations in tone, pitch, etc.
According to UTOPY, Veridian chose the company as its preferred provider due to UTOPY's full suite of extremely accurate speech analytics-driven applications, which help to optimise contact centre performance and monitor the voice of the customer.
The UTOPY solution software was installed and configured in December 2009 followed by initial identification of critical agent skills and tuning the system.
Completes Genesys WFO Suite - With the addition of UTOPY, Genesys now offers a complete WFO suite, including workforce management, speech and text analytics, performance management, coaching and training, surveys, and quality management.
Eric Tamblyn, vice president of global innovations at Genesys, which is expected to dose its acquisition of UTOPY this quarter, says that historically contact centers have used data mining or just randomly picked calls to monitor after the fact in an effort to better understand how to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.
By leveraging UTOPY SpeechMiner, Efinancial will be able to revolutionize our Agent coaching process, maximize customer satisfaction and improve our overall contact center performance," said Michael Rowell, CEO of Efinancial.
At the start of this year, the company acquired Utopy, a provider of workforce optimization, speech and text analytics, and voice of the customer solutions.
The survey examined customer satisfaction ratings across ten major satisfaction categories and was responded to by existing clients of speech analytics vendors including NICE, Verint, UTOPY, Nexidia, CallCopy, and CallMiner.
Analysts praised Utopy for its solutions and appeared particularly impressed by its accuracy and depth of functionality.
UTOPY First Call Resolution detects any indications of repeat calls within the conversation.
Of these nine, all but two offer speech analytics either on a standalone basis or as part of a suite: Autonomy etalk, Aurix Limited, CallMiner, Nexidia, NICE Systems, UTOPY, and Verint Systems.
SAN FRANCISCO -- UTOPY, the leading provider of Contact Center Workforce Optimization and Voice of the Customer solutions powered by Customer Interaction Analytics, announced today that it has joined the Cisco Developer Network as a Solution Developer within the Contact Center Applications technology category.
The acquisition comes fresh off a deal in late January in which Genesys acquired Utopy, a workforce optimization, speech and text analytics, and voice of the customer applications provider.