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ideally perfect state

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a work of fiction describing a utopia

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an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal

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Again, however, while indicating the radical defects of Utopian society, More simultaneously and paradoxically notices some of its merits.
The dystopian society depicted in the above mentioned works might be regarded as the utopian society by readers in the 18th century.
For others, the conversion was genuine, but often the goal of social justice, proletarian empowerment, and the pursuit of a utopian society was still conserved, albeit in a new framework.
The sequence where he shares his dream of a utopian society under the ground should have been a highlight.
Well, you might in a Utopian society, but I can't imagine many companies, still less their shareholders, allowing this charity.
The 2014 film adaptation closely follows the book's portrayal of a seemingly utopian society that has been structured to generate "sameness" to avoid all things bad, such as war, starvation, and violence.
The text describes a utopian society replacing the city of London and focused entirely on the sustainable production of food, which the author takes as a starting point for absurdist symbolism.
The Islamists also love, cherish and respect the state because of their top-down social engineering understanding that will pave the way for the Islamist utopian society as a result of the use of the ideological apparatuses of the state.
When professors strive, as many now do, to convert the university into a sphere where faculty and students can defy all the traditional restraints of religion and family, they appear to be creating a small model of the utopian Society they crave--a sacred sanctuary of sorts--that can then inspire a much broader utopian transformation.
Among the eight independents is veteran candidate Costas Kyriakou, also known as "Utopos" for his grand designs for the establishment of a utopian society, who has often received several hundred protest votes in past parliamentary and presidential elections.
In the next section, I illustrate how Jenae used the unit Understanding a Utopian Society to create spaces for her students to engage in inquiry-driven talk.
His perception is of a highly utopian society which is far from reality.
FAST-forwarding into the future, the Sim City series takes a giant leap for modern infrastructure, offering you the chance to create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology, or allow a giant corporation to plunder and pollute in the name of feeding your city's insatiable consumerism.
Candide's search for Cunegonde takes him to El Dorado, a utopian society where no-one is ever sad, greed or jealous.
We hope to live in a utopian society where women live without fear, take long walks at night and freely move to lonely places to pursue their professional ambitions -- but that remains a dream.